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    Your Beautiful Bed — Part II

    February 28, 2022 1 min read


    You probably already appreciate the comfort and beauty of linen, since you are reading this! Linen is never clingy, and it is cool to the touch. The slightly rumpled texture sits lightly on your skin, warm but so very breathable, a tactile delight.  It is effortlessly absorbent, and because it is inherently anti-microbial, is resistant to mildew and funky smells.  Like wool, linen famously ‘wears clean’, but there is no greater treat than slipping between freshly washed sheets, feeling its reassuring crisp, clean texture under your hands, and breathing its wholesome scent. Put your head down and sleep like a baby.


    Linen is simply, exquisitely beautiful too - the way it catches the light, and the depths of its shadows, so even an unmade bed looks like it's part of an Old Master painting.  It’s subtle, but linen is unmistakable.


    The fun part: color! Have you felt drawn towards bright saturated colors during these challenging times? So have we! You can have lavish blocks of color on your bed, or quieter neutrals with accents -  we have some lovely, considered colors. Color, texture, comfort, put it together and you have your own fabulous refuge set apart from the world. 

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