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My name is Tricia Rose. I have always wanted to recreate the homespun linens from my grandmother’s house in Scotland and vintage textiles I found in France. It took years of searching to discover the traditionally woven coarse linen fabric I use in my Orkney range of bedding. 

At first I made it just for me. I took a photo of my duvet cover and driftwood headboard, sent it to a homemaker’s blog and it went viral. Influential blogs picked it up, Google found my site and suddenly I had a business.

My bedding ranges from Smooth white linen sheets, woven to my specification, simply finished and generously sized, to Orkney covers, earthy and fundamental. Both capture the elemental spirit of linen, its luxury and strength.

I also have curtain panels, table linens and towels, made in a small workroom in Marin County, the old way—cut to the grain and sewn with short stitches, deep hems and mitered corners—in both Smooth and Orkney linen. Pinafores are a runaway success – try one!

There is lots more information on the website, and you can join my newsletter to receive samples of Rough Linen™ textures and colours. Keep in touch.



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