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    New: Bordure Curtains

    March 04, 2022 1 min read


    There is nothing like linen curtains to freshen a room. There’s something about the way they hang, how they move in a breeze and catch the light, there is nothing else like it.

    Bordure curtains are urbane and minimal, understated, but they can make an impact. We have defined the edge of the beautiful Smooth linen with a narrow, graphic outline in black to take them up a notch, while the body of the curtain is White, Light Grey, or my favorite, Natural. All are neutral tones which gain sophistication from the black edging.


    You can hang them from a rod through the casing, but I far prefer to use ringclips, I could write an ode to them! They make it so easy to draw the curtains when you want to, and you can adjust length and width with them, even create sophisticated inverted pleats. Have a look at the video, it makes hanging curtains so much easier. 


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    Nikko B
    Nikko B

    March 22, 2022

    loving the doggo so cute … lovely curtains too 😁

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