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Tricia talks about how to look after your Rough Linen fabric
Orkney natural linen duvet cover

linen care is easy:

The elemental luxury of linen is exactly itself, simple and timeless. Tactile, strong and visually pleasing, it pampers you — you don't need to pamper it.

Do up any buttons.

Machine wash with a mild detergent (definitely not Tide). I use cold water to be energy efficient but it is safe to boil-wash linen.

Never use bleach (not even on white linen).

A Biz soak is fine as long as it is dissolved first and used on wet fabric.

Never pour detergent directly onto dry fabric — always dilute the detergent first. The fine print on the back of the detergent bottle is there for a reason.

For spot removal I suggest mild detergent or bar soap rubbed into damp fabric. Or Shout.

I use Linen Wash from Le Blanc in Portfolio, Nancy Boys laundry powder, or Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day(lavender scent).

Fabric softeners: No. They were invented for synthetics which can smell, are not needed for natural fibers, and are actively unhealthy. The plasticisers they contain gum up fibers and dryer filters alike.

In a dryer, use a medium setting, dry the linen by itself and don't over dry. Shake it out while still damp and lay it flat. It will, by nature, have a soft, complex texture.

If you accidentally overheat, crowd or overdry your linen and it becomes wrinkled, dampen it and the wrinkles will relax. For a small wrinkle (where it was pegged on a line, for example) dampen with a spray bottle of water, or just let it relax by itself over a day or two.

For preference, line-dry and let fresh air, wind and sunshine do their work.


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