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    The Power of a Pinafore

    February 25, 2022 1 min read


    I’m curious to know why pinafores and aprons are so popular again - and why did they leave the popular imagination in the first place?

    Maybe because putting on a pinny signals that you are giving all your attention to the domestic task at hand. It is part of your absorption in the task, your mise en place, whether it’s kneading bread or alphabetizing your dusty books, a commitment if you like. If you hang around little children you will know how practical they are - big pockets for necessities or confiscated items like the beads your baby wants to eat - comfort and coverage, so you can cuddle a messy little one close without ruining your clean shirt.


    Some people like a half apron, like our Belgian-waiter inspired, multi-pocketed wrap waist staple. I’m afraid I need more coverage, so the Original, my first love, or the pretty Bella, are necessities - both are large enough to use for picking produce (just gather the corners), and practical for wiping my hands, or getting something quickly out of the oven. And how I love the pockets! Phone in one, keys in the other, plus a hankie, letters to post, the lone sock. A pinny is on your side.

    And they look so good!

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