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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship to Canada? Do you ship to the UK? Do you ship to Australia?

A: Yes, yes, and yes - I ship everywhere: Hong Kong, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Virgin Isles…

Q: What is the shipping cost of an Orkney duvet cover to Australia (or Canada, NZ, South Africa)?

A: You can preview the shipping cost in your cart before checking out - the bar under TOTAL will ask you for your delivery location and calculate USPS International Priority Mail.

Q: I am a very small adult - 5'4" 100 lbs. Would the pinafore work ok — just worried it might be really big, but I love it.

A: If you go to the pinafore page and scroll down you will see Karen in her pinafore, she is tiny too. The body of the Adult pinny is about 30" long so shouldn't be overwhelming, the straps will seem longer on you but should still modestly cover your bosom. The Petite is the same width but 5” shorter than the Adult size.

Q: Help! I am in a between size for your pinafores – can you make one slightly larger for me?

A: If you sew, I can send you slightly longer straps – that should take care of any tightness over the bust or under the arms. We don’t make custom pinafores, I’m sorry.

Q: I have been trying to convince myself to do a whole linen makeover. One question: can a duvet cover be made that is 98x98? I have a brand new comforter that I love, but it's that odd size. Thank you for keeping linen alive and lovely.

A: There is no standard sizing for duvets, but I can make custom sizes. Just put dimensions into notes and be sure to indicate which one is length and which one is width. $50 custom fee applies to all custom orders. King duvets are wider than they are long.

Q: Do you offer a “trade price” for designers? I have some clients these sheets and duvet cover would be perfect for.

A: Yes we do, contact us with your certification for details.

Q: Do you sell bulk linen?

A: I do not sell fabric by the yard – only beautiful, handmade products.

Q: I have just purchased a gift certificate for myself for $100.00. My plan is to buy one every few weeks or so until I have enough to purchase a summer bed set. My question is, when I finally make my purchase, will there be any problem using up to four gift certificates at one time?

A: No problem at all - what a novel way of saving up!

Q: Can you do lined curtains with your linen? Thanks

A: Blackout blinds are my preferred way for dealing with excessive sunshine. Firstly, they are almost invisible when not in use, and you keep the lovely flow of the fabric in the evening or when the sun is not direct so it is far more versatile a system. You are spared trying to match a stiff synthetic blackout lining with a fluid, natural product, and the Frankencurtain which results. Another solution is to suspend a panel of blackout (which is white, by the way!) with ring clips from the rod, behind the linen. Unobtrusive and effective.

Q: I am confused by the color of Orkney natural. I am looking for a gray? This looks to be that color but when I look at the above colors - they are not gray. Can you advise - what color is it?

A: The best way is to see and touch the samples. The color of Natural linen is a taupey-gray, called "grey" in the trade – totally misleading! With time the linen softens and acquires a silvery tone but it gets lighter, not darker. Orkney natural is hard to photograph and no color on a computer monitor is truly accurate. The color looks closest here, but only the real thing is accurate.

Q: Good morning, Tricia! I just placed another order (my 4th!) … the bolsters … am confused as to what to put inside. Should I just buy king filler pillows and roll them up?

A: I buy synthetic-fill king pillows because they are more resilient, horrible in a pillow but just what is needed in a bolster!

Q: How do I care for my linens Tricia, do they need special treatment?

A: Not at all! We send out care instructions with each order, and you can also read them here.

Q: Are your linens organic?

A: No. I don’t have organic certification for my linens, but linen is a bast fiber (comes from the stem of the plant) and rarely requires pesticides – it’s in more danger from field mice than insects. The linen dyes are aniline, and white linen has been chemically bleached. Try natural linen for the purest linen possible, it has been neither bleached nor dyed. All my linens are water finished.

Q: Should I wash my linens before using them?

A: You don’t need to. We wash Orkney before sending it out, to pre-shrink it, and Smooth is also water-finished, with no dressing or size in the fabric at all.

Q: Will my linen shrink?

A: Orkney is pre-shrunk and will not shrink any further. We make allowance for shrinkage with Smooth and Myriad, so they will be slightly oversized before the first wash.

Q: How green is linen?

A: Much greener than cotton. As well as requiring little in the way of pesticides and fertilizers, linen needs much less water than cotton to grow.

Q: My pillowcases are too short, my pillows bulge out of the end!

A: Slide your hand inside the pillowcase Andrea, and you will feel the edge of the tuck which holds the pillow securely inside without showing.

Q: Does your duvet cover have ties inside to hold the filler in place?

A: The best way to keep it plump is to have the duvet cover snug on the insert - for this it should be several inches (up to 6") smaller all round so the insert fills it out nicely. Sooner or later ties will compromise the infill = feathers! It also helps to make the bed from the foot so you shake the fill forward every morning, after it has gently settled south all night.