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Rough Linen Blog

High and Dry

by Tricia Rose September 11, 2017

rough linens clotheslines soft beautiful breezy laundry bedding flowers backyard
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Blackberry Meyer Lemon Jam

by Rachel Ritz August 16, 2017

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Making Baths Better

by Tricia Rose August 11, 2017

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Tricia's House - Behind the Seams

by Rachel Ritz July 25, 2017

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Beautiful Beds for Summer

by Rachel Ritz June 28, 2017

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Wax Lyrical

by Tricia Rose April 05, 2017

DIY beeswax linen food wrapping
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Enter to win this unique Rough Linen Quilt! ($1,000 value)

by Rachel Ritz February 06, 2017

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The Soul of Linen

by Tricia Rose December 21, 2016

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From Flax to Linen - Traditional Methods from Lithuania

by Tricia Rose August 10, 2016

Flax Linen fields in Lithuania
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Inspired Quilts from Rough Linen

by Tricia Rose July 08, 2016

Rough Linen blue, white and natural linen quilt
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Tiny Stitches, Big Difference

by Rachel Ritz May 22, 2016

sewing machine foot

A note of appreciation for our trusty machines.

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Knit Wit

by Bryn Howlett April 15, 2016

hand knitted baby jacket

Is anything more fun than knitting baby clothes?

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