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    Welcome Family and Friends

    November 08, 2021 1 min read


    This truly is a time to be giving thanks, for the simple, basic pleasure of getting together.  Let’s make a special effort this year, forget the news for a while, put down the phones, and concentrate on what we have in common; health, and the desire to celebrate life, love, friends, and family.


    It all centers on the food, and the table, good gravy, a golden bird, a choice of pies (a choice of pies!).  Maybe this year we could finally ditch putting sticky marshmallow with innocent vegetables?  And aren’t we lucky that cranberry sauce is beautiful, as well as delicious!  That bright, clear color says everything about the thanksgiving feast, so celebratory!  A clear jolt of color, and the food will sing alongside it, green brussels sprouts, fluffy white mashed potatoes, crispy golden roast potatoes too if you're lucky. I can almost taste it.


    If you’ll need to put ALL the leaves in the table this year, maybe you’ll need a custom-sized tablecloth — don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: for custom inquiries,  learn more here. (Deadline for custom orders is November 15 in order to receive in time for Christmas).

     Now enjoy the season!  We have come this far, let's celebrate.

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