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    Let's Dance

    December 17, 2021 1 min read


    Grace, Joy, Vigor - we absolutely love the expressive dancing of the Lines Ballet talented dancers, and admire founder Alonzo King, who has brought dance to so many people in the Bay Area and the world.  They were touring Europe last year before the lockdowns, and had to stay for several months in the south of France - not of their choosing, but I can't help but feel there was some upside!



    Two lovely dancers agreed to dance in our pajamas, to express joy, comfort and freedom of movement. I met with principal dancer Adji Cissoko in the rehearsal rooms off Mission, the essence of every big city dance studio with long barres, walls of mirrors and an atmosphere of creative excitement and hard grind, you can feel the dedication and the dreams.  Adji danced and moved to express that essential  still point in a busy day, relaxed, meditative, decontracté.  Utterly beautiful, and so much fun.


    We met up with James Gowan at the de Young Museum, to enjoy his strength and beautiful lines in a more fanciful setting.  Eschewing the shiny silver pirate beside the lily pond, James paired himself with the natural setting, warming up with yoga poses so free and joyful our cameras never stopped clicking.



    I am so thankful to Alonzo, Adji and James for their generosity in sharing their talent with us, and enriching our lives through their trailblazing art.  See more at linesballet.org, @linesballet, @adji_cissoko, @jamesgowan to steep your gaze in beauty.

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    Carol Cure
    Carol Cure

    February 25, 2022

    Is it possible to get your pillowcases in the Sedona color? Your website has shams in that color but not pillowcases and I need 2 queen-sized pillowcases in that shade.

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