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    Raise the Curtain!

    March 07, 2022 2 min read


    Do you really need curtains?

    Not necessarily.  If you have a beautiful outlook, double glazed windows and no-one to invade your privacy, you might prefer to let it speak for itself.  The same goes for a feature window which is round, or has an arch - why cover it up?



    If your windows are much taller or shorter than standard, you will need custom, to fit.  Even if your windows are small, it’s a good idea to place your rod as high next to the ceiling as possible, and have the fabric fall to the floor - it makes the window look bigger, and the room more unified.  In bathrooms, halls and kitchens you might need a curtain made exactly to size, and we can help.  

    For larger expanses, we get morewidth by sewing panels together (no extra charge but final sale).  Forlength, we cut and sew them longer, and there is a custom charge. 

    You can make a lot of adjustments using ring clips.  While we give you a generous 3” casing at the tops of our panels, only insert a rod if you never want to draw the curtains.  Ring clips slide easily along the pole so you don’t have to tug, and you can use them to tweak the length, even to create inverted pleats.  If bright sun is a problem, a supplemental blackout blind in the reveal would be my first choice as it is virtually undetectable when not in use, but you can add blackout panels instead by clipping them behind the face material, using the ring clips.  They work so well.



    Orkney is our heaviest linen, with its characteristic texture and slubs,  St Barts is similar but lighter, Smooth is finely woven - all three are opaque and lend privacy.  Myriad curtains are open weave, semi-sheer, so they give privacy by day, but are see-through at night when your room is lit.

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