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    The New Bed

    March 16, 2022 2 min read



    Slim.  Technical. Sleek.  And heavenly comfortable.

    The new profile replacing box springs, and how to dress it.


    If you are researching a new bed, there are a ton of choices now - mattresses online, who’d have thought it?  Cooling mattresses, memory foam mattresses, adjustable ones, your choice for wonderful comfort.  There is something for everyone, but notice one interesting thing - they tend to be slimmer than old-school mattresses.


    This is based on technical advances but the aesthetic is a powerful driver too.  Thick, monolithic beds look clunky by comparison.  Ten, fifteen years ago thickness was seen as an indicator of luxury, never mind that you needed to take a running jump to get on top.  Now the profile is sleeker, box springs swapped out for platforms, topped with a mattress which is often under 10” thick.  




    Underbed space is freed up by ditching the box spring. You can use it for storage, certainly, but if you choose to keep it empty, especially if you have a wood floor, the room looks magically bigger, lighter.  A box spring needs a bedskirt or dust ruffle to hide the beige patterned lining manufacturers seem to favour, but unless you want to hide boxes and bags, a bedskirt really is unnecessary (and we sell them!).


    The unseen enabler for these clean lines is a sprung slatted base.  They need not be expensive, but they are heavenly comfortable, don’t creak or squeak and allow your mattress to breathe.  Slatted bases which arenot sprung don’t have the same luxury factor, so choose sprung slats every time, they are worth the upgrade.


    A word about platform design: if the legs project beyond the mattress, you will bark your shins. every. single. time.


    We spend so much time in bed, it is a victory to get it right - and don’t forget the simple, elemental luxury of pure linen sheets and bedding.  Sleep well!


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