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    By Women, For Women

    March 07, 2022 1 min read


     Women start up more small companies than men do, and I think I know why: we want to do it our way.  Gender bias in larger companies is insidious, it’s real, and if there’s a way to side-step it, working with women and for women is it!  Not everything will be plain sailing of course, but there’s a huge potential area of friction which simply doesn’t come into play.


    Women carry the main burden of housework and childcare, and while I wish that would change, one practical thing we can do in the interim is to allow flexible working hours.  Health insurance, paid holidays and 401Ks all help to level the playing field too.



    So get out there and start your own company ladies!  I would advise you to start small, avoid debt, and get good advice.  My own most lasting regret is that I didn’t get an MBA when I had the chance - a business course will be your best friend.

    — Tricia


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