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Myriad Curtain

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Also available in Orkney, Smooth and St. Bart's linen.

These sheer, almost weightless curtain panels are made from an off-white, open-weave pure linen 66" wide – shrinks to 64" after washing. I like to allow one 64" panel per 36" of window, or only a little less, to be on the generous side, as the fabric is so light and airy.

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Type: Shade

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I always recommend ring-clips, not only to be able to draw the curtains easily, but you can adjust the length by folding the top over if necessary.

Material: 100% Linen. Sheer "Myriad"
64" wide x 84"
64" wide x 96"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Dampen fabric to make wrinkles disappear.

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Happy Customer Testimonial

"The ocean breeze adds a soothing and gentle movement to the curtains. It offers just the right amount of privacy without completely blocking our beautiful view. The curtains even allow just enough air to pass through and lull me to sleep on my chaise."
~ Joelle Mabalatan

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I love linen and have just purchased Myriad curtains for my guest room, which overlooks the canal. Walking into the guest room and seeing the curtains fills me with great joy. I just love them!"
~ Heather Caddy

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I personally love a natural look but also a little luxury. This is one place I feel it is worth spending a little extra on myself, my home. Rough Linen fits perfectly in our home."
~ April Womack

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Purchased Myriad curtain panels (for bathroom). We live on a farm in a very rural, natural area in Oklahoma. Rough Linens is perfect for our intended decor!"
~ Clara Mitchell

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I needed a simple light curtain to help soften a window in our entryway... myriad linen curtain was perfect! Light & airy to softly move in the breeze but also softens what was a difficult view of a small garden outside the window."
~ Kerry Scott

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I've been coveting these since last holiday season and finally decided, if not now, when. I hope the pics do them justice, but I just don't think any photo can substitute for their look and feel in person."
~ Debbie Marion

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I knew the Myriad curtains would be perfect for the master bedroom …. And, I like being right! Wow. They look AMAZING! I love walking into the room and see them as the icing on the cake -made even better when the window is open and they billow out with the breeze."
~ Carol McDermott

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