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Smooth Curtain

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Also available in Orkney, Myriad and St. Bart's linen.

I make these wonderful curtains from Smooth linen, the same linen that I use in my sheets and pillow slips.

I am indebted to Kelley Motschenbacher who first thought of using my sheets for curtains. These days you don't have to do that — read her story below …

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Type: Shade

Product Information

I always recommend ring-clips – not only do they draw more easily, you can adjust length and create inverted pleats, even hang a blackout layer without interfering with the flow of the linen. The easiest way to find the ring clips you want is to Google ‘drapery ring clips' and then click Images. No wading through ads or descriptions, just useful pictures.

Material: 100% Linen. "Smooth"
65" wide x 84" long
65" wide x 96" long
2” casing at the top, 5” closed hem at the bottom.
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Hang still slightly damp to let wrinkles fall out, and spray stubborn wrinkle with water if necessary.

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Happy Customers

Happy Customer Testimonial

"We are thrilled with our Rough Linen purchase. From ordering samples through the purchase process, it was very easy. We ordered the Smooth Linen white curtain panels in a long length so there would be some puddle on the floor. I found Smooth Linen on You Tube "Using Ring Clips to Hang Curtains". The ring clip set up is what we wanted so that we could enjoy our green East TN woodland view but easily draw the curtains during the heat of the day. Also, Smooth Linen is washable, another great feature that played heavily into our decision. I watched all of Tricia's videos and they really helped. I ended up folding our curtains up one fold at the top, which was one of her tips. Can't wait to see the fall colors through this window real soon!"
~ Carly M.

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Over the years we’ve done some tweaking and restoration, adhering to our philosophy of using natural or “real” materials whenever possible (No vinyl siding here, please!) This probably explains to a degree my affinity for your gorgeous linen items! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful handiwork with all of us!"
~ Patty Davenport

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I LOVE your products. I have them on my windows at a home I rent out using Airbnb and I also have them in my bedroom at my house."
~ Jana Miller

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Our curtains on the windows at Bluewater Ranch in Bolinas, CA."

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I live in Madison, WI a great place to raise my three boys and two Dog-hters. I love linen because you can dress it up or down and it just keeps getting better (much like myself)."
~ Kristen Miller

"I have been searching for the last few months for some simple linen curtains for my bedroom in Ojai, CA. I pretty much looked at every catalog offering and then I found your site.

I loved your Smooth white Linen sheets for the bed, so decided to make the curtains myself from your sheet fabric — with a very large pocket at the top so they might look like they were casually draped over the rod.

They are the perfect weight, heavy enough to keep the room dark at night — but sheer enough to let in filtered diffused sunshine during the day. The pretty stitching on the hem gives them a more finish look...

I now have 5 sets of these covering my vintage and not so beautiful windows. They catch a breeze and move around — no rings, no pulls, no bells 'n whistles.

Simple can be really beautiful."

~ Kelley Motschenbacher

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