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I like real.

I want to do everything myself, hands on. I love skill.

I love to pare things back to the bone, to the essence.

I want to know provenance, history, my heritage.

I admire an elegant sufficiency. I like things around me to be comfortable, hardwearing, trustworthy, understated, utterly fit for the purpose.

I miss old towns and villages, the sense of a community deeply rooted in place, building, tending, understanding, appreciating, generation after generation and for the future. Connection, identification, pride, responsibility.

I resent advertising, branding, labels, the victim side of fashion — but appreciate hard work, creativity, talent and play.

I love the cleverness which finds a new way to tie a belt or fold a cuff, the line of a perfect haircut, an eye-catching bracelet, a flattering hem, a top-stitched detail.

I marvel at the engineering in a bra, the sheerness of stockings, the softness of down, the comfort of warm wool, the smell and strength of leather.

Once I find something which embodies the elemental, fitting quality I have been searching for, I am happy with it. It pleases me, and I don't want more.

I am deeply happy with things which are simple, timeless and good.