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    Weekend Bliss

    August 24, 2021 2 min read

    Rali wearing our 100% linen Caftan with Rali Couture Cuff bangle and Dome rings


    What better way to do a photoshoot than incorporating it into a getaway? We were at an estate in Cazadero, one of the most beautiful places in Sonoma county, above the cloud line amongst redwoods and golden hills.

    We teamed with Rali Manolov, a San Francisco based fine jewelry designer and owner of Rali Couture, and her photographer Crea McKeen. Who better to style the collection than Rali and her stunning jewelry line?


    Rali wearing our Linen Lounge Set with a Rali Couture Brave Medallion necklace


    The first photoshoot took place at the beach, with rolling sand dunes, tall grasses, driftwood sculptures, and endless Pacific Ocean. It really captured the Rough Linen vibe, natural linen fabric in flowing silhouettes amongst nature, with a “Touch” of luxury. 

    After lunch it seemed natural for Rali to model the “EveryDay Duster” since she already had it on over her swimsuit.  I love it paired with white jeans, a white linen tee shirt, gold hoops, and the “earth” necklace from the Monetti collection. It’s so versatile and is easy to pack that it’s a travel essential. 


     Rali wearing our 100% linen Everyday Duster with a Rali Couture ring


    Crea had brought a croquet set with her from Portland and got a game going on the lawn, kids, dogs and all. Rali wore a black wrap dress, a casual white sun hat with her signature gold hoops and the “Balance Necklace”. Why not look fabulous while playing croquet? Everyone enjoyed the game, and it made a great story to add to the photoshoot. 


    Rali wearing our Wrap Dress with a Rali Couture Balance Medallion and Hoop Earrings


    In the evening Rali threw on the white caftan and grabbed a glass of wine, perched on a rock to watch the sun set. “At the end of the day this is all I want to wear,” Rali said.” It’s so airy and comfortable, with great style.” I think I see one of those in her future!  It was the perfect way to end the day and the shoot. Good friends, a glass of wine and that warm feeling within.

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