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    Pinstripe Perfection

    September 15, 2021 1 min read


    Who doesn't love stripes?  We are committed to the elegance of simplicity, and a quiet, inward enjoyment of the honesty of our pure linen, and the minimalism of this simple pinstripe, just one thread wide, lent such an air of distinction and a hint of fun, we knew it would be perfect for this fall's Limited Edition bedding. 

    This choice was validated in the nicest way when our Pinstripe bedding was included in a fabulous penthouse by frenchCALIFORNIA and photographed by Douglas Friedman for Architectural Digest, how pleasing!


    Photo by Douglas Friedman for Architectural Digest

    My favorite is the Toffee, it's the exact colour you get when making caramel, monitoring the sugar while it bubbles - such a warm, melting color, heartening for grey days.  The Black pinstripes are urbane and cool, while Off-White, with its fine, dark stripe, suggests ethereal lightness.


    Do you have a favorite?



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