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    Purr-fect Linen

    June 12, 2019 2 min read

    On any given day, rain or shine, who exudes more comfort than a cat? They find the choicest spot and settle in: curled up under a blanket, or splayed out under an outdoor table, to sleep out whatever the conditions may be. What positive role models.

    Here is my twenty-one-year-old Suscipe in her own bed in front of the wood stove. (She ordered a custom Orkney cover, of course.)



    Cats have a special affinity for beds, and for linen in particular - our customers have often noted how their pets love to inhale the faint scent of clean hay which is one of the charms of Orkney. And lucky for us, they send pictures:



    Here we have one cat who is a master of camouflage - and one who is not. They obviously expect nothing less than perfect comfort. Thank you Betsy Freeman!



    More in need of comfort than most, these two, Mochy on top and pal Brando below, contrast beautifully with sophisticated Charcoal and really appreciate a snuggle in a lovely warm soft linen bed, and leave me wondering, are all cats wrinkled underneath? 

    Tracy says, 

    “They like to sleep under the covers--of course! And when they do, it's like having two living hot water bottles for my feet, which I have certainly appreciated lately.”


    Elaine Charnov’s beautiful Diesel contrasts her snowy fur with subtle natural Orkney. While Mary Anne Marr gets to play hide and seek with her cat.



    Robin Howard’s cat isn’t going anywhere…

    What about your beloved pet? Does s/he sprawl like a king, or more often is just a bump under the bedclothes?  



    My Shibui prefers to shame me from my tiny, untidy linen closet. I'll sort it out this week, I promise!

    What about your animals? Do they love your Rough Linen as much as you do? Send us photos of your pets in their linens, and we will publish and love them.

    Please submit pet photos to community@roughlinen.com. Cats, dogs, bunnies - we'd love to see them all!

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    mj stuart
    mj stuart

    August 07, 2019

    making some fresh organic catnip linen pouches for my kitties will post pics when finished

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