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    Touch and Go

    May 16, 2019 2 min read

    We all seem to be looking for ways to simplify our lives and our schedules, and part of this process requires culling our possessions, which take time and energy to care for and organize. This is why so many people are turning to the KonMari method - cleaning out their homes by the car-full, and adopting a more intentional approach to what they bring home.

    This includes the rise of the capsule wardrobe - the concept of a very streamlined closet, containing only those pieces you’ll wear over and over again. Whether you subscribe to this or not, no one can deny the pleasure and satisfaction of owning a garment that you reach for time and time again. Your go-to, favorite standby that you know you’ll feel great it when nothing else seems right.

    That’s exactly why we created our Go-to Top and its sister, the Go-to Dress. These items are classics - easy to slip into, easy to care for, go with everything, and can be dressed up or down. 


    Our light, washed linen is a chic alternative to a knit tee - but just as easy, and comfortable to wear. Cut to flatter, the rounded V neckline and modern, wide sleeves are feminine while providing just the right amount of coverage. The Top hits at the hip - it can be tucked in, or left out, both looks are elegant and easy. The Dress is a straight-cut shift, knee-length on most, and features all-important pockets!

    We’ve been wearing these pieces just about everywhere, so we decided to share some of the looks we’re loving - and dreaming of! Whether you’re going to work, dinner, or beach - these are go-to pieces day after day - and will keep you looking and feeling great.


    Whatever your style, these will be your 'go-to' pieces all summer long. What's your favorite look? How would you wear it?

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