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Here is our robe. Ta-da!

The robe is for relaxation, contemplation, batheing, withdrawing from the world to a sanctuary, for ten precious minutes or a heavenly weekend morning (even better if you can steal it on Monday).

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Collections: Bathe, St. Barts, Wear, Winter Essentials

Type: Wear

Product Information

It took us quite a while to follow up on the success of our pinny, because we had to get it right. There is no point in making what’s already out there, so these were our guidelines: A flattering, smart collar which frames your face and fits to your neck. The body is modest, but not voluminous – as the front crosses over you still want to be able to get to both pockets. Trailing sleeves annoy me, so the sleeve is neatly fitted to the wrist and the cuff can be turned back. No more dipping your sleeves into the marmalade.


Material: 100% Linen. Mid-weight "St. Barts"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Dampen fabric to make wrinkles disappear.

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Happy Customer Testimonial

"There is only one thing that I like on my skin more than my Rough Linen robe… NOTHING!!!"
~ Amherst, VA

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Here I am enjoying my new robe!"
~ Michele

Happy Customer Testimonial

Mike fits comfortably into a Large.

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