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Simple Pillow Slip

Also available with a flange (oxford style).

Pillow slips cover the pillow you sleep on, so fine weave and smoothness are important.

Simple pillow slips are plain, with a European-style deep tuck to hold the pillow inserts securely inside so they don't show.

light grey

Product Information

Pillow slips come in one fabric (Smooth) and three colors. Natural is a soft taupe, straight from the field. Off-White has been yarn-bleached for strength, without optical brighteners, so it comes to you a soft off-white, and will lighten with washing and use. The light grey is a soft, perfectly neutral shade with a modern feel.

My close-woven, commissioned sheeting is water-finished, no need to wash before use. Allowance is made for shrinkage.

Material: 100% Linen. "Smooth"
standard     20" x 26"
queen         20" x 30"
king            20" x 36"
euro            26" x 26"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Hang still slightly damp to let wrinkles fall out, and spray stubborn wrinkle with water if necessary.

Happy Customers

Happy Customer Testimonial

"This past October, I ordered a "bed makeover" which included an Orkney Natural duvet cover and Orkney White Summer cover. Even my husband, who doesn't usually comment on such things, remarked at how pretty our bed is."
~ Dawn Milem

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I am happy that I stumbled upon your site and absolutely love your pillowslips! I was intending on holding out for the samples to arrive and see whether the natural colour would work in my home, but couldn't wait. They look beautiful and are very welcoming at the end of the day."
~ Sarah M

Happy Customer Testimonial

"We are happiest in a minimal space and very much appreciate the straightforward beauty of Rough Linen."
~ Kristen Foster

"Your linen is gorgeous! I finally caved and decided to splurge on one pillow case, just to see what I thought. Well, the verdict is…it's AMAZING!

So now, I am saving to purchase your sheets and duvet, (and another pillow case, of course!) My question is, what is the suggested care of these products. Do you recommend that they not go in the dryer? I'll be ordering again very soon. Oh, and the sample of lavender scented linen laundry soap almost sent me though the roof. The smell is simply incredible! So glad to have found you!"

~ Renee

Happy Customer Testimonial

""I am a quilter and a photographer. I was searching the internet for sources of good quality linen, planning to sew some new pillowcases and table cloths. I came across your website and was so impressed by the quality. The picture of you at your sewing machine sold me! I LOVE my pillow slip. So much so that I not only slept upon my pillow, I also used outside on our picnic quilt to relax in the sun - beautiful napping weather here in Virginia. Linen photographs beautifully... hope you can see from the pictures how happy I am with my simple linen pillow slip!"
~ Donna Hopkins

Happy Customer Testimonial

""I found Rough Linen and ordered a Summer Cover and pillowslips... Love, Love them. Since then I have been taking all the loud colors out my house and replacing with quiet, warm whites and naturals."
~ Robin Burgess

"I allow myself a few luxuries in my humble life, and your smooth white linen pillow slips are my latest passion! I can't wait to lay my head down on them tonight, what a luxurious feel to them.

I'm delighted in the generous size, my wonderful down pillows fit perfectly. Love the design…you know I sew, but I could not equal these slips for the fabric and quality! Thank you so much for the speedy shipping, I only just ordered them a few days ago!"

~ Andrea

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Upon discovering Rough Linen, a pinafore, a sheet, pillow slips, and now a complete bed makeover, including summer cover and bolsters have entered our home. Our bed is now simply alluring."
~ Jane Mayer

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I'm totally thrilled with the quality, weight, fit and look of everything I ordered, especially the king pillowcases (the smooth linen in white for sheets and pillowcases is amazing)... and the workmanship is the best I've seen! I will be back for more soon!!"
~ Toula Pseftoudis

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Living in Florida the weather tends to get hot. The Rough Linen Summer Cover, Pillow Slips, and Signature Sheet have me sleeping much cooler now."
~ Alex Mamel

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I have barnwood floors and ceilings and my new linen bedding just suits our relaxed style perfectly."
~ Jolie Root

"I want to tell you how much I love the king pillowslip. I love how you designed it so the pillow can't be seen. My husband was even impressed and that doesn't happen often!"

~ Lori

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I have started with the pillowslips, and I am looking forward to the delightful task of adding more pieces."
~ Melinda Hicks

Happy Customer Testimonial

"My love of rough linen started just in time for the great NYC heat wave of 2013. I was redecorating my apartment and after reading great reviews on Apartment Therapy, I ordered the pillow cases to try out. The very next day I ordered a summer cover and a few days later, a linen flat sheet. When I was actually comfortable sleeping during the heatwave, it was love."
~ Alexandrea Ravenelle

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Pillow-scape by community member Christina Brinkman"

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new Pillow Slip — I've been eyeing linen bedding for a while now, and a good friend suggested I start with a pillow case to see how I like it. I love it! It just keeps getting softer every night.

My husband is usually hard to convince to spend money on anything, but he loves my pillow case so much that whenever I'm out of town he steals it! We're saving up for a whole bed makeover. Thank you!"

~ Lenore

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