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Hand Towel

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I love thin, sturdy linen towels because they dry quickly and rarely smell musty, since linen is inherently antimicrobial. Be warned; if you prefer soft, fluffy towels, stay away from linen. The crisp ‘hand’ of these Orkney linen towels is bracing, invigorating and for adults only. Your skin will feel clean, polished and wide awake.

The hand towel is particularly chic and forgiving in black, (also available in natural, white charcoal and dusk).

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Type: Bathe

Product Information

Material: 100% Linen. Heavyweight "Orkney"
Dimensions: Measures 24" x 18" with a 2" hem all around, mitred corners, and a 4" loop to hang it by.
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Dampen fabric to make wrinkles disappear.

Orkney white hand towel

Orkney white hand towel

"I just this second opened my hand towel and hung it on my horse-bit towel hanger and I'm just looking at it with that wonderful feeling that every one of your pieces gives me. What is it about this linen that makes me me so happy to have and use in my home?!

I think it must be a magical combo of great craftsmanship, great quality linen and all the love you infuse into each piece.

I have just gotten the tea towel too…which tomorrow I will use on a tray to serve a proper pot of tea on! Pics of that will follow.

Thank you for these wonderful linens and for sharing them with people like me who completely get it. This is simple pleasure at its finest."
Margaret – Lagrangeville, New York

"I love the feel and texture of linen and this Rough Linen hand towel which is perfect for the bathroom.

There is something so earthy about the texture and color of rough linen.

It has an air of simplicity which I love…

I will be ordering more.

The quality and workman ship is excellent.

Thank you." Cyndi – San Diego, CA

Rough Linen Orkney black hand towel

Orkney black hand towel

"This is a wonderful and well-made item. It is the perfect size for a hand towel in my kitchen and it absorbs moisture well and washes beautifully." Georgia Parsons – San Francisco, CA

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