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    Our midweight Smooth linen is the finest texture and most closely-woven fabric in our collection. Most of the products in this fabric are not pre-washed - when you receive it, it will be perfectly flat and crisp. You can use it straight away as it is if you like, then your first wash will release the natural texture and shrink it to the intended size - it comes to you with an allowance for this shrinkage.  The fabric will soften beautifully with a few washes, or you might want the option of ironing it - it will be smooth as glass.

    Smooth is the preferred linen for a refined and crisp feel. Its finely woven yet airy texture ensures comfort on hot summer nights, making it ideal for a more polished look at gatherings and formal occasions.


    Smooth linen comes in Pure White, Natural, Light Grey, Ivory and Sky.  Pure White is yarn-bleached and Light Grey, Sky and Ivory are yarn-dyed—a method which helps to ensure the integrity of the finished fabric. Natural is neither bleached or dyed, the soft golden taupe color comes directly from the flax plant with its variation of tones.