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    Want to be a part of the Rough Linen Community?

    For many years, the photos and stories from our customers held a prominent place on our website. As we grew, we did more of our own photography and little by little, customers' images were removed from our website. Now it's time to change that!

    We miss seeing how you incorporate Rough Linen into your homes and lives, and reading about what our linens have meant for you. So, this summer we're re-launching a new Rough Linen Community section in our website, to highlight some of our favorite stories and images from you.

    Please send us photos of your linens in your home, along with a few words (see guidelines below) for a chance to be featured! Selected entries will be awarded a $50 to shop at

    We look forward to hearing from you! 


    Here's how to enter!

    1.  Tell us a bit about you! Where is your home, and why do you love it? What do you love about your Rough Linen products, and how have they made a difference in your home or life?

    2.  Send us 3 - 5 good photos of your Rough Linen products in your home setting (photos of yourself wearing your TOUCH by Rough Linen clothes are welcome too!).

    3.  Email your photos and story to  If we have any questions we'll be in touch.

    Tips for taking good photos:

    - Make sure there is adequate lighting. Natural light is best. 

    - Make sure the photos are in focus.

    - Photos of a whole room are nice, but closeups work too. 

    - Please send photos in their original size, or at least 1MB. Photos that are very low resolution or size will not be usable.

    We will choose 2 - 3 new features per month - not everyone who sends in a submission will be featured. Depending on the volume of entries we're receiving, yours may be selected right away, or it may take a while - please be patient. If your entry is chosen, we will contact you with your award and let you know the date you are scheduled to be featured. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.
    We look forward to hearing from you!

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