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Orkney natural linen is the cornerstone of Rough Linen. It has the traditional texture and colour of homespun domestic European linen – the mill we use in Belarus has very old looms, and we haven't found this exact texture anywhere else.


We currently offer Orkney in 5 timeless colours. Raw, untreated Natural is exactly that, neither dyed not bleached, water-finished, and sometimes even has flecks of flax straw in the weave. Natural will lighten gradually with sunshine and washing, taking on a subtle silvery sheen.

The other colors are slightly more fluid from the get-go, and soften and relax with washing. White is not an optic white, but soft and milky, and it lightens over time too, especially with exposure to the sun. The dyed colours - Dusk, Charcoal and Black - are stable.