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    Smooth Linen Napkin (Ready to ship)

    pure white
    light grey

    Our smooth, densely woven 100% linen napkins bring a delicate, refined look to your table. A more formal look with an expertly tailored deep-hem. Available in a generous 20" size, or a really grand size of 24". Smooth linen adores its more rustic cousin "Orkney".  Try pairing these delicate napkins with a textural Orkney Tablecloth, for a delightful contrast of weight and feel.

    Napkins are sold individually. Also available in sets of four or six.

    Product Information

    Material: 100% Linen. "Smooth"
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    Dimensions: 20" x 20" and 24" x 24"
    Care: Machine wash with a small amount of gentle detergent, not Tide. Tumble dry on hot or medium, and remove from the dryer while still very slightly damp so wrinkles do not set. Shake the fabric out flat and smooth it with your hands. If you can dry outside, let fresh air and sun work their magic.

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