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    We believe in goodness you can feel and luxury you can live with. There’s simply no point in saving the “good stuff” for a rainy day. Instead, we’re all for having some of it every single day.  We champion artistry of materials and process, and take pride in what we create. We find inspiration in provenance and history. We believe in paring things back to the elemental essence, and that this elemental essence is the root of true beauty.

    Our timeless designs are an expression of our commitment to utilitarian pieces made to live with — and love — day in and day out. For us, linen is not only practical — it’s emotional, it’s personal. We seek connection — both to the past, and to our vibrant community of artisans and customers around the world. We value ethical practices and run our business with integrity — so you can love what we make with all your heart.

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