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    Bath Towel Set

    Check out the perfect blend of luxury and functionality in Rough Linen’s collection of bath towel sets. Our towels offer an unparalleled experience, wrapping you in plush softness and superior absorbency after every bath or shower. Available in a variety of colors and textures, these towel sets elevate the look and feel of any bathroom.

    Enhance your home with our sophisticated bath linens, convenient home bundles, and other at-home essentials. Discover products crafted for both elegance and practicality, making your space as stylish as it is comfortable.

    The Advantages of Owning a Bath Towel Set

    Investing in a bath towel set offers numerous benefits that enhance your bathroom experience. From convenience to aesthetic appeal, a coordinated set can make a significant difference.

    Uniform Aesthetic

    A bath towel set provides a consistent look that enhances the overall décor of your bathroom. Matching towels create a sense of harmony and style that single towels can't achieve.


    Purchasing a bath towel set is often more economical than buying individual pieces. Sets typically include a range of sizes, ensuring you get a complete collection at a better price.

    Improved Quality

    Bath towel sets often come from the same production lot, ensuring consistent quality and color. This means your towels will wear evenly and retain their appearance longer.

    Discover the Luxurious Features of a Bath Towel Set

    A bath towel set offers more than just functional benefits; it combines elegance, durability, and ease of care. Crafted from premium materials and designed with thoughtful details, these towels elevate your daily routine.

    Premium European Flax Material

    Woven from 100% European flax, the bath towel set ensures a soft and luxurious feel against the skin. This heavyweight "Orkney" fabric provides excellent absorbency and durability, making each use a delight.

    Thoughtful Design and Dimensions

    Measuring 17" x 24", each towel in the set features a 2" hem all around, mitered corners for added strength, and a 4" loop for easy hanging. These details not only enhance the towel's aesthetic appeal but also its practicality.

    Easy and Effective Care Instructions

    Maintaining your bath towel set is simple with machine washing and tumble drying. Use a gentle detergent (avoid Tide), and remove the towels while they are still slightly damp to prevent wrinkles. For best results, dry them outside to let fresh air and sunlight maintain their freshness.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best type of bath towel?

    Cotton is the most popular towel material. But not all cotton towels are created equal. High-qualityTurkish and Egyptian cotton produce the best, softest, and most absorbent towels. Whether you need them for yourself or your guest bathroom, cotton bath towels are multitaskers and ideal for everyday use.

    The Ideal Number of Towels per Person

    Our rule of three for stocking up on sheets also applies to towels. Keepthree sets of towels for each individual who lives in your household—one in the wash, one in the closet, and one in use. This ensures there is always a towel in reserve for when you might need it.

    How can you tell if a bath towel is good quality?

    Towels that are heavier, more expensive or higher quality have a greater GSM than cheaper towels that tend to fall apart more easily. Typically, the more loops that are woven into a towel, the higher the GSM. The lightest towels are 300 to 400 GSM. A decent-quality, medium-weight towel runs 400 to 600 GSM.

    How often should you replace bath towels?

    As a general rule, it is recommended to replace your bath towels every two to three years, with five years the maximum. Over time, frequent laundering and normal wear and tear can cause towels to lose their absorbency and become less soft.

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