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    July 09, 2024 5 min read

    After a refreshing shower, there's nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a cozy bathrobe. Bathrobes provide comfort and warmth, making them an essential item for your post-shower routine.

    Bathrobes come in various materials, including cotton, microfiber, and linen. Cotton and microfiber are popular choices, as they are soft, absorbent, and quick-drying. Linen bathrobes are also becoming increasingly popular, as they are lightweight and breathable.

    Additionally, think about the length and style of the bathrobe. Do you prefer a short or long robe? Do you want a hood or pockets? These are all important factors to consider when selecting a bathrobe that meets your needs.

    St. Barts Linen Robe worn by a couple

    Choosing the Best After Shower Robe

    After a refreshing shower, wrapping yourself in a cozy and comfortable bathrobe is the perfect way to start your day or relax before bed.

    A lady smiling wearing a bathrobe after shower

    When choosing an after shower robe, you have several options to consider. Here are some of the most popular materials to help you make an informed decision.

    Cotton Varieties

    Cotton is a popular choice for bathrobes due to its softness, absorbency, and durability. Turkish cotton, in particular, is known for its long fibers, which make it extra absorbent and quick-drying.

    Organic cotton is also a great option for those who prefer a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice. It is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, making it better for both the environment and your skin.

    Luxury Fabrics

    If you're looking for a more luxurious option, silk bathrobes are an excellent choice. They are lightweight, soft, and have a smooth texture that feels great against the skin.

    Another option is cashmere, which is incredibly soft and warm, perfect for colder months. However, keep in mind that both silk and cashmere require delicate care and may not be as durable as other materials.

    Synthetic Options

    Synthetic materials like polyester and bamboo are also popular choices for bathrobes. Polyester is known for its durability and affordability, while bamboo is a more eco-friendly option that is soft and moisture-wicking.

    However, some people may prefer natural fibers as they tend to be more breathable and comfortable against the skin.

    The Best After Shower Robe for You

    A lady sitting wearing a stylish bathrobe

    After a relaxing shower, you want to slip into a cozy and comfortable robe to prolong the feeling of relaxation. Here are some of the best after shower robes for women, men, and linen lovers.

    Robes for Women

    When it comes to women's robes, there are a variety of designs and styles to choose from. Look for a robe with a comfortable collar, pockets to hold your essentials, and a hood to keep you warm on cold days.

    Some robes also come with the option to add a monogram for a personalized touch.

    A person sitting on the floor wearing a bathrobe and holding a cup of coffee

    One of the best options for women is the Linen Kimono Robe. This robe is endlessly versatile: elegant comfort for staying-in, or wear it open as a perfect lightweight layer for casual styling. Generous cut, flattering above-the-knee length, and two hidden pockets for hands and secrets. Lose the belt and turn it into an easy duster for daytime adventures.

    Robes for Men

    For men, a comfortable and stylish robe is essential after a shower. Look for a robe with a masculine design, such as a plaid pattern or solid color. A robe with deep pockets and a comfortable collar is also important.

    A man wearing a bathrobe smiling while holding a cup of tea

    One of the best options for men is the St. Barts Linen Robe. This robe is designed for moments of relaxation, contemplation, and bathing—a sanctuary to withdraw from the world, whether for ten precious minutes or a heavenly weekend morning (and even better if you can steal it on Monday). Neat cuffs can be turned back and pushed up when you're busy or rolled down for added coverage. With a shawl collar, dropped shoulders, and big patch pockets, we've got you covered in comfort.

    Best Linen Bath Robes

    Linen robes are a great option for those who prefer a lightweight and breathable material. Look for a linen robe with a smooth texture and a comfortable fit.

    Some linen robes also come with a reversible design for added versatility.

    A lady walking in style while wearing a bathrobe

    One of the best linen bath robes is the Smooth Linen Robe. The lightest robe covers you up without weighing you down, to start your day in modesty and comfort.  Make your coffee, listen to the birds, go to your shower in blissful linen coolness before the day gears up.  Reverse at nighttime.

    Neat cuffs can be turned back and pushed up when you’re busy or rolled down for coverage.  Shawl collar, dropped shoulders, big patch pockets and single belt loops look after your comfort. 


    In choosing the best bathrobe for after shower, you must consider the fit of the robe, allowing you to move around freely. A full-length robe is ideal for keeping you warm and cozy, especially during the colder months.

    The material of the robe should be lightweight, yet plush and thick enough to keep you warm and dry. Linen bathrobes are a great option for those who prefer a breathable and eco-friendly material. Checkout our best bathrobes today, be in style and enhance your post-shower experience now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best robe to wear after a shower?

    The best type of robe to wear after a shower is one that is made of absorbent material such as cotton or terry cloth. These materials are designed to soak up moisture and keep you dry and comfortable after a shower.

    You can also consider a waffle weave or microfiber robe for a lightweight and quick-drying option.

    Can you wear a bathrobe after a shower?

    Yes, wearing a bathrobe after a shower is a great way to keep yourself warm and dry. Bathrobes are specifically designed to absorb moisture and keep you comfortable after a shower.

    They also provide a layer of protection between your skin and the outside air, which can be especially beneficial during colder months.

    What is the thing you wear after a shower called?

    The thing you wear after a shower is called a bathrobe or a dressing gown. It is a loose-fitting garment that is worn over clothing or directly on the skin after a bath or shower. Bathrobes come in a variety of styles and materials, from lightweight cotton to plush terry cloth.

    What is the best material for robes in hot weather?

    The best material for robes in hot weather is lightweight and breathable.

    Cotton, linen, and bamboo are all great options for hot weather robes.

    These materials are soft, absorbent, and allow air to circulate around your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.

    Avoid heavy materials like fleece or wool, which can trap heat and make you feel too warm.

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