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    The Touch Launch Party

    July 16, 2018 2 min read

    Oh the preparation, the excitement, of getting our new showroom ready for the Touch launch party! It started quite a while ago, when I drove to a disused chicken ranch to get an ancient pantry Kendra Smoot, our ace stylist, had spotted on Craigslist. The new furniture was easy by comparison, wheedling a lovely rattan chair out of Michelle at Forma Living when she didn't have any in stock officially - assembling the simplest bed we could find, driving miles for the sleekest, sexiest egg-shaped basin to suggest our bathroom area. We fought over the bathroom mirror, the rugs, the pegs...all part of the process. We all wanted it to be perfect.

    My favorite piece is the two-tiered workbench from the chicken ranch, maybe because I had to put so much work into it, it was filthy. Look at it now!

    So now we have this airy, white, double-volume space to use as our studio, event space, and showroom - it even has a dressing room - and we launched our clothing line, Touch, by inviting all our friends and journalists and contacts from the Bay Area. My longtime friend and co-conspirator Dee Wagner brought marvellous food from Anaviv, and even created a signature lavender infused cocktail, the Stefan.

    We still sell only online, directly to our customers, but now we do have this space where we can showcase all the linens we are so very proud of. Sometimes I pinch myself, from cutting and sewing on my kitchen table, to this! I have never had to answer to outside investors, we pay taxes, our ladies are treated with dignity and paid a living wage. And we are nearly all ladies, one man - not by design, it just worked out that way, but I admit I like it. It goes towards a very close, supportive, collaborative work environment.


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    December 03, 2018

    Love your vision, focus and talent of the wonderful team you’ve built, Tricia…. and all things linen…YUM!!

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