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    Ruff Linen

    November 09, 2015 1 min read

    two dogs looking very alert, resting on a lambkin and linen clad bed

    "I ordered a Rough Linen Duvet from you years ago and wanted to let you know how well it’s held up.  It’s become so much more beautiful with age!  It has withstood the test of time in a very busy household which includes 3 teen boys and 2 high energy dogs.  I love your products more than I can say."

    From Wendy Hammond

    puppy fast asleep with his head on a pillow

    "In spite of what he thinks, these smooth linen sheets were not purchased for him, but I'm not about to tell him. He deserves the best too !"

    From Steve Lovelace of Fort Worth , TX

    dog sleeping on linen sheets

    "Cooper, my rescue buddy, and I share a very modest 500-sq ft home. Most of our furnishings were either made in the garage or recovered from the roadside. The latest improvement was to convert a formerly empty room into a kitchenette/recycling center. My father, age 86, and I did all the work ourselves, save crawling under the house to plumb the new water line. I prize the simplicity of my little space. And immediately upon encountering Tricia's website, I knew her Rough Linens would both complement and enhance that space. I was not mistaken. Everything -- from the natural colors to the even-more-natural wrinkles -- bespeaks quality, beauty, and comfort."

    From Patti Ogden of Port Neches, TX

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