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    June 12, 2024 9 min read

    When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, having the right standard pillow size can make all the difference.

    One of the most common questions people have when shopping for pillows is, "What size is a standard pillow?"

    The answer to this question can vary depending on where you live and what type of pillow you're looking for.

    In the United States, a standard pillow size typically measures 20 inches by 26 inches, commonly used on twin and full-size beds. However, if you have a larger bed or prefer more space, consider a queen or king-size pillow instead. Your personal preferences and sleeping position also matter in choosing the right size.

    Remember, the size of your pillowcase should match your pillow; a standard pillowcase fits a standard pillow, while a queen or king-size pillowcase is for larger pillows. Checking measurements when shopping ensures you get the perfect fit for a comfortable and supportive night's sleep.

    Guide to Choosing the Best Pillows

    What Size is a Standard Pillow

    Choosing the right pillow size is key for a good night's sleep. Pillow sizes vary based on bed size and personal preference. From standard to king-sized, finding the right fit ensures comfort and proper support.


    Standard Pillow Size

    A standard pillow is the most common type of pillow you'll find in households. It measures 20 inches by 26 inches and is a good choice for twin and full-size beds.

    Standard pillows are also a popular choice for people who sleep on their stomach or back. They have a medium loft, which means they're not too thick or too thin.


    Queen Size Pillows

    A queen pillow is slightly larger than a standard pillow, measuring 20 inches by 30 inches. It's a good choice for queen-size beds, but can also be used on full-size beds if you prefer a larger pillow.

    Queen pillows have a medium loft, similar to standard pillows.


    King Size Pillows

    King pillows are the largest type of pillow, measuring 20 inches by 36 inches. They're a good choice for king-size beds and can also be used on queen-size beds if you prefer a larger pillow.

    King pillows have a high loft, which means they're thicker than standard and queen pillows.


    Specialty Sizes

    In addition to standard, queen, and king pillows, there are also specialty sizes available, such as Euro pillows and body pillows, each serving specific needs.

    Euro pillows, measuring 26 inches by 26 inches, are square and often used for decoration on top of regular or queen-sized pillows.

    There are two types of Euro pillows that suit your needs:: Down Euro Pillows, featuring premium white down feathers for luxurious comfort and support, and Down Alternative Euro Pillows use synthetic materials such as polyester fibers or microfiber, making them hypoallergenic and suitable for individuals with allergies

    Linen body pillows, measuring 20 inches by 54 inches, are long, cylindrical pillows ideal for side sleepers who require extra support for their legs and arms, ensuring a comfortable night's rest.


    Common Variations and Gusset Details

    When shopping for pillows, you might also encounter some common variations and gusset details.

    Gussets are strips of fabric that are sewn around the edges of a pillow to add extra support and loft.

    Some pillows also come with different types of filling, such as memory foam or down.

    It's important to choose a pillow with the right loft and filling for your sleeping position and comfort preferences.


    Choosing the Right Sizes for Bed Pillows


    What Size is a Standard Pillow

    When it comes to choosing the right pillows for your bed, size matters. The size of your bed will determine the number of pillows you need, as well as the size and arrangement of those pillows. Here's a guide to help you pair pillows with different bed sizes.


    Twin Bed Pillow Arrangements


    For a twin bed, a standard pillow is usually sufficient. You can use one or two pillows, depending on your preference.

    If you like to prop yourself up to read or watch TV in bed, two pillows may be more comfortable.

    Twin beds are often used in children's rooms, so consider adding a decorative pillow or two to add some personality to the space.


    Pillows for Queen Beds

    A queen-size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, which means you'll need larger pillows to fill the space.

    Queen pillows are 20 inches by 30 inches, and two of them will fit comfortably across a queen-size bed.

    If you like to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, you may want to add a few smaller pillows for support.


    King Bed Pillows 

    King-size beds are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, which means you'll need even larger pillows to fill the space.

    King pillows are 20 inches by 36 inches, and two of them will fit comfortably across a king-size bed.

    If you like to sit up in bed to read or watch TV, you may want to add a few smaller pillows for support. You can also add decorative pillows for a pop of color or pattern.


    California King Bed and Pillow Matching


    A California king-size bed is longer than a standard king-size bed, but not as wide. It measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long.

    You'll need king-size pillows to fill the width of the bed, but you may want to use standard pillows for the length.

    You can also use a body pillow to fill the gap between the headboard and the pillows.


    Choosing the Best Pillowcases

    What Size is a Standard Pillow

    Choosing the best  pillowcase size is super important for comfy sleep and a nice-looking bed. A well-fitting pillowcase makes your pillows cozy and adds to how your bed looks. But using one that's too small or big can make your sleep less comfy and mess up how your bed looks.

    So, make sure you get pillowcases that match your pillows' size. That way, they stay in place and your bed stays neat and cozy for a great night's sleep.


    Standard Pillow Cases

    The linen standard pillowcase size is about 20" x 26". It is designed to fit a standard-sized pillow perfectly, ensuring a snug fit that won't bunch up or slip off during the night.

    This size is ideal for guest rooms or children's bedrooms, as it accommodates both adults and children comfortably.

    When choosing a standard size pillowcase, consider the material and thread count.

    A higher thread count generally means a softer and more durable fabric.

    Cotton is a popular choice for its breathability and hypoallergenic properties, while silk pillowcases offer a luxurious feel. Standard linen pillowcases also provide a luxurious experience due to linen's durability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and increasing softness with each wash.


    King Pillow Cases 

    King size pillows are 10 inches longer than a standard pillow, measuring 20-by-36 inches or 51-by-91 centimeters.

    As such, king size pillowcases are also larger, usually around 20-by-40 inches or 51-by-102 centimeters.

    They're designed to fit king pillows and are perfect for couples who share a bed or for those who prefer a larger pillow.

    When choosing a king pillowcase, make sure it fits your pillow snugly to prevent slippage during the night.


    Size Range and Considerations

    In addition to standard and king pillowcases, there are also other sizes available, including queen, super standard, Euro, and body pillowcases.

    When choosing a pillowcase, it's important to consider the size and shape of your pillow, as well as your personal preferences.

    A good pillowcase should fit your pillow snugly, be easy to remove and wash, and be made from high-quality materials that won't irritate your skin.


    Expert Tips for Pillow Cases

    • Look for pillowcases made from high-quality materials like cotton, bamboo, or silk. These materials are breathable, soft, and gentle on your skin.
    • Consider purchasing pillowcases with a sleep trial period. This will allow you to try out the pillowcase for a set period of time to ensure it's the right fit for you.
    • When washing your pillowcase, use a gentle detergent and avoid using fabric softeners, which can damage the fibers of the material.
    • If you have a feather pillow, make sure to choose a pillowcase with a tight weave to prevent feathers from poking through the material.
    • Consider purchasing matching sheets and pillowcases to create a cohesive look in your bedroom.


    Good Pillows for Better Sleep Tips

    What Size is a Standard Pillow

    When it comes to selecting the right pillow, there are a few additional considerations you should keep in mind to ensure you get the best sleep quality possible. Here are some factors to consider:


    Choosing the Right Loft and Firmness

    Loft refers to the height of the pillow, while firmness refers to how much support the pillow provides.

    Stomach sleepers typically need a lower loft and softer pillow to avoid neck strain, while back sleepers need a medium loft and firmness.

    Side sleepers require a higher loft and firmer pillow to keep their spine aligned properly.

    If you have sleep apnea, you may require a higher loft pillow to keep your airway open.


    Pillow Selection for Different Sleep Positions

    Different sleep positions require different types of pillows.

    For example, if you sleep on your stomach, you may want to consider a flatter pillow to avoid straining your neck.

    If you sleep on your back, a pillow with a medium firmness and loft can help keep your spine aligned.

    Side sleepers may require a pillow with a higher loft to keep their neck and spine in a neutral position.


    The Impact of Pillow Types on Spinal Alignment

    The type of pillow you choose can also impact your spinal alignment.

    Orthopedic pillows are designed to provide support and alleviate pain in specific areas of the body, like the neck or lower back.

    Lumbar pillows can help support the lower back while sitting or sleeping. Pregnancy pillows can help provide support for pregnant women and alleviate pain.

    It's important to choose a pillow that supports your body's natural alignment.


    Addressing Specific Needs with Orthopedic Pillows

    If you suffer from neck pain, restless sleep, acid reflux, or snoring, you may benefit from an orthopedic pillow.

    These pillows are designed to provide targeted support to alleviate pain and improve sleep quality.

    For example, a cervical pillow can help alleviate neck pain, while a wedge pillow can help alleviate acid reflux.


    Budget Tips for Good Quality Pillows

    What Size is a Standard Pillow

    Understanding Pillow Costs and Value

    When it comes to purchasing a pillow, the cost can vary greatly depending on the quality and materials used.

    Higher quality materials such as down or memory foam tend to be more expensive than synthetic materials. However, investing in a higher quality pillow can provide better support and comfort, leading to a better night's sleep.

    It's important to consider the value of a pillow when evaluating its cost.

    A higher priced pillow may last longer and provide more comfort and support, making it a better investment in the long run.

    On the other hand, a cheaper pillow may need to be replaced more frequently, leading to a higher overall cost.


    Selecting Pillows for Aesthetic and Decorative Purposes

    Pillows can also be used for decorative purposes, adding color and texture to a room.

    When selecting pillows for aesthetic purposes, it's important to consider the colors and patterns that will complement the room's decor.

    It's also important to consider the size and shape of the pillow in relation to the furniture it will be placed on.

    While decorative pillows may not provide the same level of support and comfort as functional pillows, they can still be a worthwhile investment in enhancing the overall look of a room.


    Investing in Pillows for Long-Term Use

    If you're looking to invest in pillows for long-term use, it's important to consider the durability and quality of the materials used.

    Pillows made from high-quality materials such as down or memory foam tend to last longer and provide better support and comfort over time.

    It's also important to properly care for your pillows to ensure their longevity.

    This may include washing and fluffing them regularly, using pillow protectors, and replacing them when they begin to lose their shape or support.

    By considering the cost, value, and purpose of your pillows, you can make informed decisions when selecting and investing in pillows for your home.


    Choosing the right pillow size matters for a good sleep. Think about whether standard, queen, or king-size suits your bed and comfort. Make sure your pillow fits well in its pillowcase for a neat look.

    When picking pillows and pillowcases, focus on what feels comfy. Look for soft materials that suit your skin and consider how you sleep. Getting the right ones can improve your sleep and bedroom style.

    Take a look at our bedding collection! We've got pillows, pillowcases, and bed sheets to make your bedroom cozy. Start sleeping better today

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Size is a Standard Pillow

    How do I know if my pillow needs to be replaced?

    If your pillow feels flat, lumpy, or doesn't provide proper support, it's time to replace it for better sleep quality.

    How can I prevent my pillowcase from slipping off?

    To prevent your pillowcase from slipping off during sleep, opt for a snug-fitting pillowcase or one with a secure closure like a zipper. Additionally, tucking the pillow under the mattress can help keep it in place.

    What size pillow is best for side sleepers?

    Side sleepers often benefit from pillows with a higher loft to keep their neck and spine aligned properly. A queen or king-size pillow may provide better support for side sleepers.

    How do I measure my pillow to ensure I choose the right size pillowcase?

    Measure the length, width, and height (or loft) of your pillow and choose a pillowcase size slightly larger for a snug fit without compressing the pillow.

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