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    June 10, 2024 2 min read

    We started offering custom sizing at Rough Linen because we couldn't bear to think of our beautiful tablecloths hanging unevenly. Things should fit perfectly!

    There is no standard sizing for tables. Most are around 30” tall, but their length and width can vary widely. We've made tablecloths up to thirty feet long for a winery—what an experience!

    Your table might be long and narrow, or you might extend it with all the leaves for a special celebration like Thanksgiving. Perhaps your table is just slightly off-square, or it's a true oval. No matter the shape, we can sew a cloth to fit.

    A tablecloth should have an even drop all around. While you can fold in a pleat if a cloth is too long, a custom cloth is more satisfactory. Measure the length and width of your table (or the diameter if it's round), then add twice the drop. In my opinion, less than 8” per side looks skimpy. If the cloth is long enough to drape over the chair seats, someone might sit on it. A 10” to 15” overhang is graceful. To judge the length for yourself, drape a towel or cloth over the table corner, play with it until the length feels right, and measure it. That's all you need to do.

    If you have an oval table, we might ask you to make a template from newspaper or similar material. D-end tables (round tables that extend) don't need a template. Note that tablecloths for ovals, rounds, and D-ends have a stabilized raw edge instead of a hem, so they hang evenly around the curve.

    Curtains need to fit properly too. For Orkney and St Barts fabrics, we recommend an ease of around 1.5 times the window width, and up to twice the width for Smooth fabric. There's no need to be rigid, but if you have windows of varying widths in one room, the ease should be roughly the same. Excess length isn't critical since you can adjust the drop using ring clips—the curtain-hanger's best friend. Learn how to use them here.

    If your window is longer than 96”, you need custom curtains. We recommend hanging curtains just below the ceiling, designer-style, to make your room look larger.

    Send us the dimensions of your windows and the desired dimensions of your curtains. If you have any questions, we will get back to you. Photos are a great help!

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