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    Beautiful Beds for Summer

    June 28, 2017 2 min read

    Summer's here and with it long, lazy days and balmy nights. Sleeping with the windows open may mean you want a feeling of a bit more protection from the elements. Enter the canopy bed.

    The high frame adds drama to a room - especially in light of today's more minimal, pared back styles. These tall, elegant frames are anything but frou-frou. Instead, their simple, clean lines are modern and fresh, but still feel special.
    Whether you add the drapes, or go for streamlined look of the four tall pillars, these striking pieces will make every morning and evening feel exceptional. A touch of the sublime in the routine.

    And with a set of 100% pure linen sheets, or an airy Summer Cover - your whole sleeping experience can be transformed. Linen is the perfect material for summer - breathable, light, and utterly beautiful - you needn't make the bed - just flick the cover and let it fall as it will... perfectly imperfect.

    Canopy Bed with Linen Bedding and Curtains
    Customer Julie Murphy's heavenly canopy bed with our summer linen bedding and myriad drapes. 
    4-poster bed with linen summer cover
    Carved wood posts and a fresh white Sheet Set in the home of Daniel Hale.

    This beautiful bed from Sweet Elle in Gardena, CA is almost the exact color as our St Barts Aqua! The owner & designer of the company is a fellow Brit like me, and her pieces draw on classic English style, yet feel updated and modern at the same time.

    4-poster canopy bed with charcoal linen bedding
    A handsome charcoal Bed Makeover and a stunning 4-poster in the home of our community member Deborah Coco.
    4-poster bed with crisp white linens
    This beautiful faceted 4-poster looks stunning with a flash of red and the bright, contrasting white. From customer Linda King.
    4-poster birch Ikea GJÖRA bed
    My own bed, which comes from Ikea, dressed in our white Orkney Duvet Cover, Pillowslips, and a Dusk Summer Cover.

    So go for it - make your bed a special haven with the beauty and drama you've often lusted after in the pages of magazines or home blogs. And don't be afraid to create be a little over-the-top! Playing it safe never produces a truly breathtaking result. 

    As I like to say "Live with your luxuries." Incorporate a little extravagance into your day-to-day. After all, that's part of the fun of living, isn't it?

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    July 13, 2017

    Lovely…ordering soon!!! Enjoying my aprons (aka pinafores)!!!

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