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    The Symbols of Love

    January 29, 2020 2 min read

    February hinges on Valentine's Day, a little glow of warmth and playfulness in the bleakest month of the year.  I have no love for crowded restaurants or forced roses with no scent, but fun, comfort, togetherness? Count me in!

    It’s such a good opportunity for a little indulgence, a reminder of why we love to come home if it’s a place of warmth and comfort, which is exactly what it should be.  Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you have just come in through your front door - shut it behind you and relive the feeling. If you have an immediate sense of belonging, you are already there. If you tense or feel the slightest sense of desolation, you have work to do.  

    Everyone deserves comfort at home, whether we live alone or with others, and there are ways we can make it.  Start with the symbols of love, they are potent, so light candles, have fresh flowers, turn on music. Then sit and enjoy them, even if you pride yourself on hitting the ground running - especially if you do!


    Put together a simple, attractive meal with candles, linens, dim lights and soft music.  It should smell delicious and be quite light, but plentiful.  


    Poets really have it down!  Dig out your old school books, or Google something you half-remember and commit it to memory, then look your darling in the eye and start ‘Love not me for comely grace…’


    Cozy sofa, comfortable chairs - one for each person is only fair.  Cushions and throws make it pleasant to linger.

    Have your bedroom the way you like it, it is your base.  Clutter doesn’t belong here, think calm...soft pillows, texture, color.


    Who needs reminding?  I do, for starters. Download every soppy song you can think of from your youth, and sing along, together (especially in the car).


    Love should be so simple!  Do you know the old saying, “If it's wet, dry it, if it’s hungry, feed it, if it hurts, kiss it better, if it’s sad, hug it?”  That's a pretty good start.

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