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    February 05, 2013 2 min read

    I love playing house. There are forces at work beyond my control and my living space and accessories change all the time. Last month I pulled down my bedroom ceiling, the month before I changed the entire look of the living room with stained brown cladding. Recently our TV lost its plastic base so I built a wooden easel on wheels.

    Today I recycled white shutter doors from an inside closet to our outside deck. 

    hats and oars hanging on an indoor-outdoor wall

    The hats are in constant use — the ancient oars not so…

    DIY shelf with odds and ends

     The key is from our place in France. I made the shelf from an old gateleg table leaf.

    Expanded living area in bay-front home

    The living room looking towards the Bay — an atypical rainy day — my 20 year old cat has left us since this photo was taken

    driftwood headboard

    I had been collecting driftwood for months, and one afternoon pulled out my nail gun and created this headboard in twenty minutes, making sure there were no lumpy bits behind my head (ouch!).  It smells of clean salt... 

    DIY drawer pulls made from rope

    I find most pulls ugly, so I drilled holes in these drawers and fabricated rope pulls, held neatly inside ℅ my trusty staple gun.  Have I said I think power tools are a woman’s best friend?

    persian cat sitting on table

    Shibui looks as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth here, don’t be fooled!  This is the quirkiest cat evah.

    cross-stitch sail boat on linen hand towel

    I particularly enjoy monogramming tea towels, for myself and as a house present for friends - always with the year, the traditional way.  It is easy to finish one in an evening.

    garden wall

    Succulents grow like weeds around here - and I love them! 

    sitting by the bay, basking in the sun

    Winter sun...and a flattering angle. If you want to look years younger in a selfie, lie down!

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    Rasmus Johannesen
    Rasmus Johannesen

    December 07, 2016

    Hi, even though it’s quite old, I think your tv easel is absolutely perfect, and would like to build one myself. But I can’t find any information about the angle it’s been cut, was wondering if you would want to share that? Ps. Sorry for the bad english i’m from Denmar

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