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    Pair of Original Linen Pinafore Aprons (Adult Set of 2)

    vintage blue
    orkney orchid
    Pinafore #1 size
    Pinafore #2 size


    Our Original Linen Pinafore, crafted from 100% European linen, is like an apron, but better. It features two comfortable crossover straps that won't pull at your neck like traditional aprons do. The wrap-around design ensures protection for your clothing from spills on all sides. Equipped with two deep pockets, it securely holds your phone and other essentials. Dry your hands on it or use the corners to carry items like apples, laundry, or toys. Wear it all day long while working or engaging in messy, creative activities. You'll effortlessly exude competence and artisanal charm.


    Also available in children's sizes.

    (see size chart)

    Product Information

    Material: Woven from 100% European Flax. Heavyweight Orkney 


    7.7 oz/sq. yd
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    Sizing: (see size chart)

    Care: Machine wash with a small amount of gentle detergent, not Tide. Tumble dry on hot or medium, and remove from the dryer while still very slightly damp so wrinkles do not set. Shake the fabric out flat and smooth it with your hands. If you can dry outside, let fresh air and sun work their magic.


    A note about sizing: The Regular size really does fit most, thanks to the cross-over straps at the back. You can request extra-long straps if you have particularly broad shoulders or a large bust. The Large size is recommended for size 16+. Petite size, recommended for those 5'4" and under, is the same body width and strap length as our Regular, but the length of the body is 6" shorter.


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