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Orkney Tablecloth

Also available in Smooth linen.

The charm of Orkney is its texture, which comes from the old looms, whose maximum width is 58". The advantage of the more finely woven Smooth linen is its 118" width, so it makes a flowing, full tablecloth for virtually any size table.

Both are simple and elegant. Orkney always has deep hems, Smooth Linen can also come with the raw edge much loved by stylists, and a pintuck 3" in. Layer the two fabrics for extra finish, the smooth undercloth longer than the textured overcloth by 3" to 5" all round.

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Product Information

Material: 100% Linen. Heavyweight "Orkney"
square      58" wide x 58"
long          58" wide x 108"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry.
Other: Tablecloth can spread on table and sprayed lightly in situ (not if your table is French polished!) to make fold lines disappear. Just dampen and smooth it with your hands.

Tables vary in width and length, but the drop should not be less than 8", and generally not more than 15"– a practical length, as it is too short to sit on! 10" to 12" is usual.

For wider tables and rounds I can extend Orkney by seaming in quadrants, far smarter and more tailored than side panels – think of a hot cross bun. Round tablecloths have a stabilized raw edge rather than a hem.

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Happy Customers

Happy Customer Testimonial

Layered tablecloths in the home of Julie Carlson of Remodelista.
~ Rue Magazine

Happy Customer Testimonial

"We had a beautiful celebration and your custom made tablecloths were very appreciated. Thank you!"
~ Camila Pastor

"Dear Tricia and team, I SO LOVE my new linen! I read your website carefully before purchasing and felt I was making an informed decision. But it was all way BETTER than expected. The hand wrapped and ribboned parcels were just delightful (and it takes A LOT for me to be thrilled about packaging) and the linen itself — AMAZING! My new tablecloth was instantly on the table. Much to my happiness it was a perfect fit! No more adjusting and making do with store bought, inappropriately sized tablecloths. What I really love is the texture and colour of the orkney — natural and soothing. Just perfect for my family life."

~ Liz, Sydney

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Growing up in the Deep South, linen was a favorite summer material. After owning a few pieces, I became addicted to the nubby texture and durability which is essential with a growing family. We've even enjoyed making linen ribbon with our well-loved pieces to use as napkin rings or wrapping presents. I love how linen can go formal to everyday and it's been a wonderful journey discovering how linen fits into our lives."
~ Katy Harbin

Happy Customer Testimonial

Charcoal tablecloth and napkins in the home of Tracy Gielbert.

"Tricia…I have spent (wasted) a lot of money on tablecloths until I purchased this incredible Orkney Linen Tablecloth from you. It has the most amazing feel and drape. I cannot wait to have Thanksgiving dinner and show off my tablecloth. Heck with the food. I will be adding the tablecloth that layers underneath next. Thanks for making such beautiful pieces."

~ Lisa

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I have just discovered rough linen and went a little crazy. I have ordered two tablecloths, pinafore, dish towels and napkins. I used them at Christmas for the first and they looked fantastic!"
~ Laurie Stafford

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I love everything about my new tablecloths. The craftsmanship, the texture, the beautiful feel and even the casual wrinkles! The larger cloth is custom, with a black square over it. I call this table setting, "Winter Soup Course." I had so much fun creating it."
~ Christy Canzler

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I love the white against the natural Orkney. Table cloths are so wonderful, I spray a little water on them when I lay them on the table to get the folds out…works beautifully and so easy!"
~ Sheila O’Curran Wallin

Happy Customer Testimonial

Our Orkney tablecloth is perfect for outdoor dining - shown here at an al fresco picnic from Cmostr Photography for a story on Style Me Pretty.

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Happy Thanksgiving, Tricia! Here is the beautiful table cloth that was where I started for the holiday decor in the new house. I love your linen! I hope to have more shots to send tomorrow. Our cat, Wesley, is ready for the feast."
~ Brooke Goldman

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Hi Tricia! Here is one photo of the beautiful linen table cloth. Happy New Year!! I am grateful they arrived before Christmas. Absolutely love the pieces."
~ Stephanie Gibson Smith

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