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Orkney Linen Duvet Cover

Also available in St Barts and Smooth linen.

The signature Orkney duvet cover, made from the linen that started it all. This was my first product — I sleep under it every night.

Elemental … timeless, plain, natural linen woven on traditional single-width looms, three pieces joined with with minimum seams. The fabric begins with its own clean, crisp texture, softening with wear and washing to a silvery sheen.

I added off-white, black, charcoal and now dusk. The plainest of buttons, natural coconut shell or white, and black buttons for black. Invisible zippers (we call it 'the Architect's Version') for minimalists.

For all custom requests please fill out the following form: Custom Duvet Cover

Buttons or zippers

Product Information

A duvet cover should fit the infill snugly, up to 6" smaller all round to ensure that it doesn't shift. I have even put a king infill into a queen cover, with cosy results. Please measure your duvet, as infill sizes are not standard.

For all custom requests please fill out the following form: Custom Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Linen. Heavyweight "Orkney"
twin           68" wide x 88"
queen        85" wide x 88"
king          106" wide x 90"
calking      106" wide x 98"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Put it on the bed slightly damp, and smooth it into place. Dampen fabric to make wrinkles disappear.

Product Videos

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Choosing an infill for duvets, pillows, cushions and bolsters

The Proper Way to Stuff a Duvet Cover

Felix learns how to stuff a duvet cover from his mum

Happy Customers

Happy Customer Testimonial

"After it warmed up enough to do without a down comforter in the duvet, I put our Pendleton wool blanket inside and it's perfect. We enjoy the natural and understated elegance the linen brings to our small home. Linen's functionality suits us perfectly and it is quite at home with our crafty and homemade treasures. Thank you!!"
~ Caroline Lubatti

Happy Customer Testimonial

"You had to make me a special size duvet cover because my down comforter was an unusual size. I was worried it might not fit, but when I put it on, it fit like a glove! I am so in love with my duvet cover, that it will continue to follow me wherever I go in the future. We like to move around a lot, and are thinking of getting a big motorhome to see more of the country. If we do, my orkney duvet cover will be covering a lot of territory, and I might have to snap some photos to share it's journey with you!"
~ Jamie White

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Wow! That just about sums up my feelings right now. I can’t believe how quickly you fulfilled my custom order, especially after the Black Friday rush! My new bedding was beautifully packaged and waiting for me when I returned home last night from a long week across the country for business.

Although I was dog-tired by the time I got to my house, I wasn’t about to go to sleep without trying out my new linens, and they are everything I had hoped for. I’m so glad I finally took the plunge and ordered them.

Here is a photo of the finished product: a charcoal Orkney duvet cover, Euro shams, and bolsters, along with my existing Strong White sheet and pillow slips.

I love the way the charcoal linen contrasts with the creamy white sheets and the deep, rich glow of the cherry on the bed that my father and I handcrafted a few years ago; they complement each other perfectly. I slept so well last night—it was quite a warm welcome home! The only problem is that now I want to stay in bed all day. :-)

Thank you, Tricia, for your incredible customer service, your outstanding craftsmanship, and the care you put into everything you do. It is definitely noticed and much appreciated.

~ Your customer for life, Chad

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I wanted my guest room to be special and my Rough Linen duvet cover and shams do just that. My first over night house guest said, "I feel like I just slept in a magazine!"
~ Mary Lauderback

Happy Customer Testimonial

"It is hard to express and even harder to believe that there is still some snow on the ground on April 11th along the shores of Lake Michigan. On the bright side, we can still snuggle under our winter weight comforter nicely enrobed by the Orkney natural duvet."
~ Claire

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I'm an independent graphic designer living in Brooklyn with my husband. In this age of throw-away products and fast fashion, I make a conscious effort to fill our home with fewer, better products that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but functional, and long lasting. Rough linen products definitely fill the bill! I love everything about my linen bedding, from the way it feels on my skin at night, to the way it looks, all wrinkled and decadent, when I wake in the morning."
~ Amanda Klein

"So simple, yet very elegant. I've never had anything linen before except clothes, which I love. So to have such a luxurious duvet cover and shams makes me very happy!! Next order will be sheets, then extra pillow covers! One of everything please!"

~ Kathleen

"My duvet cover is freakin' out of this world! As are all the Rough Linen products I have tried. I love how the duvet sits so perfectly inside the Orkney cover; no shifting at all! I basically blew my yearly vacation budget on a whack of Rough Linen and I can honestly say that i do not regret it-at all. Getting into bed every night is a little piece of heaven, but getting out each morning is hell!"

~ Kat of Tottenhan, Ontario

"I bought the duvet cover along with a sheet and two pillow slips. I don't usually splurge on things like bedclothes, but I am so glad that when I finally did, I did on these! I dream of my bed all day, and I pause to just look at it whenever I walk through the bedroom. It's a true aesthetic experience. Thank you so much for making such beautiful stuff!"

~ Seattle, Washington

Happy Customer Testimonial

"However, my Rough Linen helps me feel connected to the past, to nature, and to this community of linen enthusiasts. It gives me roots into something greater than myself. Thank you, Tricia, for helping to make my little room - the only space I can call my very own - the sanctuary I have dreamed of."
~ Jana Lembke

Happy Customer Testimonial

"The feel, texture, the ease and the beautifully elegant simple look makes our bedroom a thing of beauty."
~ Betsy Freeman

Happy Customer Testimonial

Customer Jaime Leigh's Sonoma cabin, before she married and moved to Seattle.

Happy Customer Testimonial

"The bed bundle, consisting of smooth white sheets and pillow slips as well as duvet cover and pillow shams in Orkney natural, is pure luxury! The fabric is beautiful, the workmanship is top notch and the whole look is exquisite. Just seeing the bed now fills me with a deep sense of calm and tranquility. Not to mention, once nestled in the bedding, one is transported to the dreamiest night's sleep ever."
~ Robyn Fuoco

"Sometimes you take a chance on something, and it works out incredibly well. This is one of those things. I bought the Orkney duvet cover and 2 slips (to check out whether I'd want sheets), and I love them. Just freaking love them. I get in bed and run my hands over the cover and think, 'You did a good thing here.'

The infill fits perfectly and stays in place, even without securing it with clips or ties. It softens the room (mainly deep grays and steel and blacks). Needless to say, just a week after it arrived, I've ordered more slips and sheets.

I am thrilled to get into bed and loath to leave it, and it's become a dating criterion (I would cut loose a potential partner before I cut loose this linen).

~ Hampton H.

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I recently gort around to indulging my obsession with the Pendleton Glacier Park/Hudson Bay blanket stripes, which I painted in my attic bedroom. The matching blanket is in the mail and will arrive soon, but I wanted you to see how beautifully your Indigo linen duvet cover works with the stripes."
~ Windy Chien

Happy Customer Testimonial

"The feeling Tricia's linens give off is one of ease and comfort yet emanating a beauty that is almost indescribable.

The softness and the durability gives one total contentment while gazing at it. They are a rest on the eyes. "
~ Sheila O’Curran Wallin

Happy Customer Testimonial

From an Apartment Therapy House Tour: Kenya & Conner's Chic and Airy Marina District Apartment in San Francisco.

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I am anxious for winter, if only so I can wrap my down comforter in the Orkney Duvet Cover. I am so glad I found Rough Linen."
~ Susan Rodgers


I received my duvet cover and pillow slips this afternoon. I washed them and dried them by air (it was a warm evening) and have been lounging in them tonight. They are absolutely wonderful.

I fell in love with linen sheets on a voyage through in Sicily last year.They were used in many of my small hotels and I was so surprised how much more I enjoyed sleeping in linen over plain cotton.

I managed to find a queen fitted sheet and two pillow cases in Italy, but no duvet cover or shams. So thank you for bringing me a little bit of Sicily here in SF! Now my bed is completely in linen and I am plum pleased. Thanks so much!

Warmest regards,"

~ Maia

"The Orkney duvet cover is as wonderful as described. It was promptly shipped and came beautifully wrapped. I can't decide what to order next!!"

~ Nancy of Omaha, Nebraska

"Hi Tricia — I never wrote to let you know how much I LOVE my bed linens — so beautifully made and luxurious to sleep on! I actually kept them folded and tied for a couple of months because I couldn't bear to use them — I'm over that! I am totally smitten with your products — Thank you for making them!"

~ Deb

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