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    Stocking Stuffers

    November 02, 2022 1 min read

    Stockings have two objectives - to amuse and delight, and to keep little children occupied. You yourself can have more fun choosing stocking stuffers than bigger presents, and at the same time you can show that you have noticed what each individual truly enjoys, and demonstrate your own outstanding taste and sense of humour. Go counter-intuitive! Maybe granny would like red silk underwear - maybe your millennial would be charmed by an embroidered antique Irish linen handkerchief.

    Anything small: Fidget toy, small perfume, bubble bath, a survival tool, our superior cocktail napkins, a pet brush, good small hand tools, especially things which show that you have been listening to your loved ones' preoccupations. Games, a pack of cards, harmonica or kazoo, tin whistle, something unexpected, small and precious like a rare coin or old silver.

    There can be a moral to your story, if you feel like it! A small sewing kit for the person who expects you to sew on their buttons - a set of reusable produce bags for someone who could be more eco-friendly. A nail brush. Go ahead, have some fun.


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