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    Meet Lynn Killberg Thoreson

    November 19, 2019 3 min read


    We love hearing from our talented and busy customers, what they do, and how our products are with them every step of the way.  Lynn Killberg Thoreson is a floral designer who uses her pinafore apron all the time to look businesslike, and the pockets hold her necessities.  Welcome Lynn!

    Rough Linen (RL): Tell us a little about yourself. How you got started, where you are located, what you do, etc.

    Lynn Killberg (LK): I’m a floral designer based in Richmond, Virginia, creating whimsical and natural designs for luxury weddings and events along the east coast. I create anything from bouquets and centerpieces to large scale designs like arbors and hanging floral installations. Flowers became my passion over a decade ago after I helped a friend make arrangements for her wedding. Over the years I’ve taught myself floral design techniques, started a small flower garden in my yard, traveled to visit flower farms and gardens worldwide, attended floral design workshops, and worked as a freelancer for other designers, soaking up as much flower knowledge as I could. I took the leap and started my own business nearly 3 years ago.



    RL: What do you enjoy most about you do? 

    LK: I love bringing beauty into the lives of my wedding couples and their guests. Seeing the joy on the bride's face when I present the bouquet to her is the best! 

    RL: When did you first discover Rough Linen?

    LK: I found Rough Linen through Instagram a couple of years ago while searching for a linen apron.

    RL: Which Rough Linen product(s) do you have?

    LK: I have the Rough Linen pinafore apron in the natural color and a tea towel in dusk.



    RL: What do you like most about the Rough Linen brand and/or products?

    LK: I love my pinafore apron! It's stylish and comfortable so I can wear it all day during the wedding set up. It’s also durable and practical, which is important because I make a mess! I need to have lots of supplies close-by, floral shears, wire, tape, etc. and the large pockets on the apron are perfect for this! I also love the gorgeous colors and softness of the linen and that everything is handcrafted in the U.S.



    RL: If you are willing, could you please share a few floral arranging tips with our Rough Linen community?

    LK: Sure! When you’re designing, keep it simple and seasonal. By simple, I mean stick with one or two different flower varieties or colors. This keeps the design looking cohesive. The freshest and most beautiful flowers and foliage are usually the ones currently in season so head on over to the farmer’s market and grab some flowers there. You can also add in a few snips of greenery or blooms from your yard to give the arrangement a more natural feel.

    One of my favorite simple arrangements is created using small bud vases. Add 1-3 stems of flowers and greenery to each bud vase. Group a few of these vases together in a cluster or place them down the length of a long table and you have an easy and pretty design. Overall whatever you do, relax and have fun – flowers are inherently beautiful so you can’t go wrong!

    RL: Wow, thank you Lynn! If someone from our community wants to connect with you, what is the best way? 

    MR: You can follow me at @lynn_killbergthoreson

    Do you love Rough Linen as much as Lynn? We love hearing your stories! If you'd like to nominate someone (or yourself) for our Real People, Real Linen series, please send an email to hello@roughlinen.com to be considered. 


    ~ Photos with Spring Pastel Designs
    Photographer: Ashley Boyan Photography @ashleyboyan
    Planning: SRS Events @srs_events
    Venue: Tudor Place @tudor_place
    Rentals: WhiteGlove Rentals @whitegloverentals
    Bouquet ribbon: Silk & Willow @silkandwillow
    ~ Photos with Harvest and Holiday Arrangements
    Photographer: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography @darcybenincosa
    Styling: Emma Natter @emma_natter
    Ribbon: Silk & Willow @silkandwillow 
    ~ Photos with Staircase Greenery
    Photographer: Nikki Santerre
    Photography @nikkisanterre
    Venue: Dover Hall @doverhallestate

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