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    Life in Black & White

    May 17, 2022 1 min read


    If you love the seductive simplicity of white and still want to ring some changes, consider its perfect complement, black.

    Think of a dark room - moody, relaxed, introspective.  Having dark tones in the bedroom is restful, the room seems larger, and if the rest of your house has lighter colours, you can feel the switch in atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door - you are in your private space.

    If you want to go all-out, paint your walls, even your ceiling, and add the absolute sophistication of black linen curtains.  Myriad sheers will give you daytime privacy, while our Orkney curtains can be drawn at night.  If you want complete darkness for sleeping, consider a blackout blind, they are next to undetectable when they are rolled up.



    Think about texture, natural rugs, a throw.  Sheets can be black: see our Noir, White, or try the crisp contrast of our Smooth Linen Bordered sheet, with its bold black edge, teamed with Colorblocked Pillowcases.

    You will need at least two levels of lighting in a dark room, background lights, and then task lights, especially for reading in bed.



    Other rooms to consider for this cosy, intimate atmosphere?  A dark dining room concentrates your focus on the table and the food, just where you want it.  A dark den can be perfect for streaming, or for games, but why limit yourself?  I’m dreaming black bathroom, white tile…

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