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    Inspired Quilts from Rough Linen

    July 08, 2016 1 min read

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Enter the quilt – a prime example of humble origins giving way to ingenuity, with patterns and techniques that have evolved into a stand-alone art form. 

    As consumers become more eco-savvy and value sustainable and handcrafted products, quilts are making a real comeback.

    Rough Linen’s version was conceived as we imagine the first quilt was: by making use of smaller scraps by piecing them together into a larger, useful item with a character all its own. Ours is a simple, modern take with bold stripes cut from our signature linen fabrics, artfully assembled to create a hand-worked statement piece for your home

    Using leftovers eliminates waste, but it does something more – by compelling creativity and variety, it gives way to a completely original item.

    Drawing inspiration from the unimaginably creative quilts of Gee’s Bend, we embrace loose, oversized patterns and an organic quality of each finished piece.

     Gees Bend handmade quilt in blues and cream        Gees Bend handmade quilt in Salmon Pink       Gees Bend handmade quilt in Indigo and oranges      Gees Bend handmade quilt in quadrant pattern
    Photos: Pitkin Studio, http://soulsgrowndeep.org/gees-bend-quiltmakers

    Each quilt is made entirely from actual scraps of our 100% European linen fabrics, pre-washed, lightly filled with 100% cotton batting to give it just the right amount of warmth without becoming too heavy. A small “flash” of red or orange adds unexpected color to our otherwise neutral palette. We finish the quilts with mitered corners and hand-tufting – subtle, thoughtful details that add a hint of elegance.

    Rough Linen quilts are resourceful, original, and hand-crafted - the way it used to be.

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    Meg Mansfield
    Meg Mansfield

    February 25, 2022

    are yall still making quilts ? I am interested .


    November 25, 2016

    Seeing this color palette, design/placement, has given me many ideas, thank you!

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