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How to Mend a Patch, Properly

February 15, 2015 3 Comments

Such a bad idea to drape my linen over a lamp, however accidental it was (no I was not smoking!)  I am going to mend it.

Once you've found a suitable patch (best to use self-fabric if you can) fold in the edges and mitering is the neatest way to do the corners.

Pit it in place on both sides so it doesn't shift while you're sewing it in place.

I chose to do this by hand.  An agreeable form of penance, and an apology to my cover for not looking after it better.

All done!  The new fabric will lighten with time, and the duvet cover will wear its honorable scar proudly.

3 Responses

Ellen Phillippe
Ellen Phillippe

February 07, 2017

I happen to love patches. I just ordered shashiko thread and needles to learn to patch the Japanese way

Tricia Rose
Tricia Rose

November 10, 2016

Either I got the photos out of order Laura, or my stitches were so fine they didn’t show! (I’ll take the more flattering option).

Laura G L
Laura G L

July 21, 2016

Dumb question from someone who doesn’t know how to sew…In the 2nd to last picture, are you sewing into the patch? If so, why doesn’t it show up on the other side?

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