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    Decorating with Pattern

    September 06, 2019 2 min read



    Echo is our first ever linen pattern. While we are minimalists at heart, we know how subtle pattern and texture can make a sophisticated impact on a room, while still being laid-back. 



    Echo offers a subtle Jacquard weave with slight variations of tone and sheen woven in that evokes ripples in the sea. Presence without formality, in 4 gentle tones that are easy to live with: clean Silver, heavenly Ciel, gentle Natural and palest Blush.

    Here are 3 simple ways Echo linen can zen your home:


    Echo Linen Duvet Cover

    A patterned duvet can instantly transform the entire look and feel of a bedroom. See how this Echo duvet lifts a simple low headboard, with white linen sheets and a minimalist side table and lamp.


    Echo Linen Summer Cover  

    Try one of our summer covers for a lightweight layer that is perfect for the warm summer months, or for an extra layer of warmth during the winter. The subtle pattern looks great paired next to any plain duvet and gives your bedroom another dimension.



    Echo Linen Curtains

    Window treatments are often an afterthought, but they really add a new dimension and help frame a space. Pattern, texture and color are key. For a neutral look, try our silver or natural curtains and for more of a statement - go with Ciel. Did you know we also offer custom curtains? Click here to learn more!



    Echo Linen Pillow Sham

    One of the fastest, fail-proof and least expensive ways to add pattern to a living room is through accent pillows. Dress up any couch with a few patterned pillows. Not sure how many pillows your sofa needs? We recommend having an odd number to create visual balance (most standard size sofas require 3-5).

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