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Wash Cloths (set of 3)

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A small and pleasing thing: a set of three Orkney linen wash cloths. Always fresh against your face, just enough texture to exfoliate gently. Never again catch that whiff of damp - linen is inherently antimicrobial, and thinner than terry so it dries quickly (as long as you don't leave it in a sodden heap of course!)
I use each one several times before tossing it into the laundry, so three will last you a week. Go for Black if mascara is a factor in your life.

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Collections: Bathe, Bundles, Orkney, Winter Essentials

Category: dusk linen

Type: Bathe

Product Information

Material: 100% Linen. Heavyweight "Orkney"
Dimensions: 12"x 12"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Dampen fabric to make wrinkles disappear.

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