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St. Barts Summer Cover

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Also available in orkney and smooth linen.

A summer cover is somewhere between a sheet and a bed cover — just what you need for hot summer nights. The summer cover was inspired by requests from customers in Texas, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, who know all about living in hot climates. It is a single layer of fabric, with linen’s characteristic cool, crisp ‘hand’. Use it instead of a top sheet and slip in underneath — aaaah — bliss…

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Product Information

For hot nights when you need a little cover but no added warmth, try a light, breathable Summer Cover in St Barts. Centre panel and two side panels, neat covered seams, and three inch hems all round and mitred corners give a more finished look than a sheet., Making the bed in the morning is simple, just stand at the bottom of the bed and flick your wrists. I love the St Barts aqua. Other St Barts colors may be available by request, for an additional charge.

No CalKing size. The king is large enough for a CalKing bed.

You might be interested in my Summer Bed: a Summer Cover with a sheet and two pillow slips.

Material: 100% Linen. Midweight "St. Barts"
twin          76" wide x 100"
queen      105" wide x 100"
king         120" wide x 100"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Spray stubborn wrinkles with water if necessary.

Happy Customers

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Being the middle of summer, I immediately purchased the summer bed set and we've been loving our summer bed linens—even in the middle of winter! The summer cover is perfect over our Pendleton wool blanket during these cooler months (we’re in southern California so it’s not too cold). Our two sons also love the linen."
~ Caroline Lubiatti

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Natural fabrics contribute to our simple comfortable home, which is a place we find refuge and where we welcome friends and family."
~ Bernie Kowie

Happy Customer Testimonial

"What a great summer cover for slow, warm Mississippi nights! Love our soft linens!"
~ Charlotte

Happy Customer Testimonial

"After reading the fantastic reviews on Tricia's site I decided I would give linen a try. This was perhaps one of the best decisions I have ever made! Tricia's bedding is a dream to sleep on. It is indescribable the way my husband stays warm under the summer cover yet I stay cool. My night sweats are a thing of the past and my sleep is blessedly uninterrupted. I am forever grateful for Tricia's linen discovery and her willingness to share her craft with the world."
~ Lisa S

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I found the Rough Linen summer covers and my world changed! I use these amazing products year round on my King size bed and my guest room queen. I chose the Orkney natural for my room, and the St. Bart's blue for the guest room, which also doubles as my office."
~ Robin Grimes

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Tricia. Wow. My St Barts pale blue summer bed arrived earlier this week. I opened the box, and took a step back. I didn’t want to rush the experience when I saw how personally everything was packaged... I sew, and I appreciate your choice of fabrics, your workmanship, and your attention to detail. Everything fits perfect. Everything smells perfect. Everything feels perfect. I cannot wait to climb in bed tonight – I’m going to get in bed long before I’m ready to collapse so I can revel in the beautiful fabrics."
~ Andrea Playdon

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I have a small bedroom where I decided to make up for its size I would only introduce the very best quality sleep furnishings I could afford. I have ordered 4 pillowcases, a summer cover, a white flat sheet and a Orkney smooth sheet. Love each one! Many times I have been tempted to go with a comparatively less expensive brand but once I actually saw with my own eyes some competing linen makers goods I realized how much better the quality and details are from Rough Linen. Thank you so much for educating me on everything from bed-making to linen care. You have made me think about the quality of my sleep in a new way!"
~ Timothy Schulz

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