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    St. Barts Linen Tablecloth


    Simple and textural, the fluid drape and exceptional luster of our St. Barts Tablecloth brings fresh color and soft comfort to your table, so your food is seen to best advantage.  Finished with deep three inch hems and precise mitered corners.

    Product Information

    Material: 100% Linen. Midweight St. Barts.
    square      56" wide x 56"
    long          56" wide x 108"
    Care: Machine wash with a small amount of gentle detergent, not Tide. Tumble dry on hot or medium, and remove from the dryer while still very slightly damp so wrinkles do not set. Shake the fabric out flat and smooth it with your hands. If you can dry outside, let fresh air and sun work their magic.
    Crease Release: Tablecloth can spread on table and sprayed lightly in situ (not if your table is French polished!) to make fold lines disappear. Just dampen and smooth it with your hands.

    Tables vary in width and length, but the drop should not be less than 8", and generally not more than 15"– a practical length, as it doesn't get caught underneath you when you sit down! A 10" to 12" drop is typical.

    For all custom requests, please fill out the following form: Custom Tablecloth

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