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Smooth Tablecloth

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Also available in Orkney linen.

Your Smooth linen tablecloth can be formal with deep hems, or edgy with no hem and frayings, just a pintuck 3" or so in from the perimeter. Layer with Orkney for extra finish, the Smooth undercloth longer than the textured Orkney overcloth by 3" to 5" all round. The advantage of finely woven Smooth linen is its 118" width, so it makes a flowing, full tablecloth for virtually any size table.

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Product Information

Material: 100% Linen. "Smooth"
small         60" wide x 60"
medium    72" wide x 118"
large         90" wide x 144"
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry.

Other: Tablecloth can spread on table and sprayed lightly in situ (not if your table is French polished!) to make fold lines disappear. Just dampen and smooth it with your hands.

For all custom requests please fill out the following form: Custom Tablecloth

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Happy Customer Testimonial

"I love your linen, especially the smooth linen. I have tablecloths for all my tables both here and in NY. And also your lovely sheets!"
~ Christina Brinkman

Happy Customer Testimonial

Long, custom tablecloths for a Bill & Sarena Schierl's wedding. "The tables ended up being exactly how we envisioned them with the linen table cloths adding a wonderful textural element."
~ Bill Schierl

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I personally love a natural look but also a little luxury. This is one place I feel it is worth spending a little extra on myself, my home. Rough Linen fits perfectly in our home."
~ April Womack

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Because of time constraints my sheet doubled as the Xmas table cloth and sofa covering which made a change and received lots of compliments."
~ Bridget McDowall

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Table cloths are so wonderful, I spray a little water on them when I lay them on the table to get the folds out…works beautifully and so easy!"
~ Sheila O’Curran Wallin

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