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The excitement of making a quilt the proper way, from scraps, is the balance between accuracy and ingenuity. The aim is to create beauty of expression with economy – even frugality – of means.

I was inspired by the patterns and creativity of Amish and Gee's Bend Quilt makers.

A lot of work goes into making these quilts – no two are ever the same. Their charm comes from their irregularity, emerging naturally from availability of fabric, the ingenuity of putting it together and the simplicity of the material, by dint of skill and effort making something beautiful, something collectible.

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Collections: Coverlets & Quilts Collection, Orkney, Sleep, Winter Essentials

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Three colorways, Nautical, Urban and Seaside, and we do make custom - tell me what you would like, both size and color.

Material: 100% Linen. Mix of "Orkney" and "St. Barts"
throw     54" x 72"
queen    90" x 100"
king       100" x 120"
Care: Dry clean only. Spray stubborn wrinkles with water if necessary.

Tricia talks about the origins of Rough Linen

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